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Each week your child may bring home a library book. Your child is responsible for that book. Please help your child find and set aside a special place where library books can be kept. If your child gets used to keeping books in one particular place at an early age, the necessity for searching the house for temporarily "misplaced" books throughout the school year can be avoid.

Vernon School Policy states a student who has an outstanding library debt can be refused library privileges. IF A BOOK IS LOST OR DAMAGED YOUR CHILD MUST PAY TO REPLACE THAT BOOK.

Thank you for your assistance. We want to make this a pleasant experience for your child in order to have him/her begin the lifelong habit of choosing, reading and enjoying books!


  • Have clean hands when reading books.
  • Turn pages carefully.
  • Use a backpack when taking a book home or returning it to school.
  • Return books when due.
  • Report any damage to a book so that it can be repaired.
  • Find a safe place to keep their book at home.
  • Use proper lighting when reading.
  • Find a time to read everyday !
  • Count daily reading time, if participating in the teacher's reading program.