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Ms. Kara Ingalls, Library Media Specialist               Email: kara.ingalls@vernonct.org

Mrs. Dacia Ball, Library Media Manager                Email: dacia.ball@vernonct.org

        Library Phone: 860-870-6050 ext 4021 or 4076


Monday-Thursdays: 7:15am- 2:30pm; Fridays: 7:15 am- 2:00pm   

Access online distance learning resources here- Please Contact Ms. Ingalls for  research support at kara.ingalls@vernonct.org


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Destiny Discover - Students, use this interactive search tool to search for books in the RHS Library by genre and topic!


Research Databases:

Gale Databases


EBSCODatabases (Username: ctlibresearch) ask Ms. Ingalls for password


Learning Express

ProQuest Culturegrams (Username: RHS Library) ask Ms. Ingalls for password

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World Language Resources:

SCOLA (www.scola.org)