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Attention RHS Writers and Performers. Please join us in the Library Media Center for an OPEN MIC on Thursday, March 28th during all lunch waves. Come and share your writing or music, or just come listen and support your peers!

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Cupcake Extravaganza

To benefit various local charities

6:00-8:00  Thursday, May 2

Rockville High School, 70 Loveland Hill Rd., Vernon

Tickets are $10.00 and entitle guests to choose 4 gourmet and novelty cupcakes from a selection of hundreds.

Cupcake Wars finalists will be displayed and a winner determined.

A community event including raffle prizes, entertainment, and art displays

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Harvard University CS50 Puzzle Day competition runs from Friday 3/29 through 4/1/19. Solve a packet of problems!  Puzzles will not require prior programming experience, just logic and smarts.  All you'll need is a computer with Internet access, a pen or pencil, and scratch paper to solve as many puzzles as you can. You'll submit your answers online via a Google Form. Open to all students around the world (and friends). Teams of size 2 or more are encouraged but not required. You can collaborate with your team in person or online.  Please see Mr. Nimmo to register a team.

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Attention Juniors and Seniors: This is a reminder that there are new procedures in place for anyone planning to bring an out of town guest to the Prom.

Permission slips must be received and approved by an administrator the week before
tickets are sold. This means that if you are hoping to bring a non RHS student to the Prom, your guest’s permission slip needs to be approved and on file in the Administrator’s office before you purchase your prom tickets. Otherwise, ou will not be allowed to bring an out of town guest. It is not too
early to start the process. Sometimes it takes a week or more to get the correct signatures. Please plan accordingly.  Permission slips are available in the Administrative offices.