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RHS Webmaster

Rockville High School held its annual Senior Scholarship and Academic Awards ceremony on Thursday, May 24.  Ninety-three seniors were honored and scholarships totaling $342,257 were awarded.  The following is a condensed list of the award recipients for the Class of 2018.

COMMENDATIONS FOR TOP TEN SCHOLARS (presented by State Representative Michael

            Winkler) – Taiyaba Batool, Emily Haire, Urwa Hameed, Jake Mansfield, Ashley Markunas,

            Lindsey Montminy, Lucas Perkins, Joey Radcliff, Shayna Real, Hannah Sullivan


Agricultural Education Award – Cheyenne Chappell-Butler

Walter “Sarge” Amprimo Memorial Scholarship – Benjamin Leskey

Simon Lipton Memorial Award – Evan Zocco

Richard O. Pease Memorial Award – Benjamin Leskey

Tolland County Agricultural Center Memorial Scholarship – Bridget Beahn

United Bank Foundation Connecticut Agriculture Award – Kevin Marley


Connecticut High School Outstanding Arts Award – Kimberly McGuire (Visual Arts)

Photography Award in Memory of John Fahey – Kevin Zheng

Charles Ethan Porter Award – Nikolaos Constantopoulos

Senior Photography Award – Kevin Kozak

Three Dimensional Art Award – Lindsey Montminy


Athletic Director’s Honor Roll – Bridget Beahn, Christopher Galat, Gracie Schauster,

            Hannah Sullivan, Brooke West

Bamforth Family Scholarship – Christopher Galat

Steve Bellinghiri Award (tennis) – Aaron Chaffee, Lina Pho

Robert J. Bonadies Memorial Award (cross country/track) – Jake Mansfield, Hannah Sullivan

CAS / CIAC Scholar Athlete Award – Joseph Santiago Campos, Hannah Sullivan

Allen L. Dresser Award – Bridget Beahn, Adam Muzsi

Martin F. Fagan / Art Wheelock Award (baseball) – Kevin Kozak

Whitney T. Ferguson III Memorial Award (soccer) – Jason Abrahamson

Matthew Gauruder Memorial Scholarship – Shane Dorman, Marya Hayat, Sean Nguyen,

            Mason Resendes, Gracie Schauster

Harry Geraghty Memorial Scholarship (cross country) – Shay Cordtsen, Gracie Schauster

Ross T. Knight Scholarship (soccer) – Hannah Sullivan

Brenden Mailloux Memorial Scholarship (baseball) – Kevin Smith

Kenneth C. Merk Memorial Scholarship – Sarah Moss, Kevin Smith

National Federation of State High School Associations’ Award of Excellence – Tanya Roy,

            Robert Tierney

Physical Education Leadership Award – Ashley Markunas, Ian Tourtelotte

Thomas Quigley Memorial Scholarship Award – Mason Resendes, Jonathan St. Germain

RAMS Sports Booster Club Football Scholarship – Troy Zdanis

Raymond E. Ramsdell Award – Tyler Allen, Sydney Ruschmeier

Rockville High School Boys’ Lacrosse Scholarship – Jonathan St. Germain

Rockville High School Boys’ Soccer Booster Club Scholarship – Marlon Jean Louis

Rockville High School Girls’ Soccer Booster Club Scholarship – Lindsey Montminy

Rockville High School Girls’ Volleyball Booster Club Award – Drusilla Charles, Mackenzie Correia

Rockville High School Softball Booster Club Award – Shannon Kelly, Brooke West

Rockville Wrestling Continuing Education Award – Tanya Roy

Chuck Saimond Memorial Scholarship – Bridget Beahn

Vernon-Rockville Little League Scholarship – Mackenzie Correia, Anna Gabrielli-Lockard,

            Kevin Smith, Shane Tourtelotte, Brooke West

Vernon Soccer Club Scholarship – Lindsey Montminy, Hannah Sullivan



Julie Kukulka Memorial Scholarship – Adam Muzsi

Outstanding High School Accounting Student Award – Sean Nguyen

Senior Business Award – Briyanna DeCaprio, Jake Mansfield

United Bank Foundation Connecticut Scholarship – Jake Mansfield



English 12 Award – Rimsha Jafri

Effective Communication Award – Gracie Schauster

ENG 101 Award – Victoria Tracy

UCONN Early College Experience English Award – Sarah Ference

English as a Second Language Award – Jeralyz Cabrera Colon, Marlon Jean Louis

Creative Writing Award – Tanya Roy

Advanced Creative Writing Award – Brianna Roque

Creative Writing Independent Study Excellence Award – Tanner Bosse, Kimberly McGuire,

            Lucas Perkins, Cierra Taber



Child Development Award – Ashley Markunas

Childhood Education Award – Holly Fischer

Early Childhood Career Cluster Award – Emma Bardon, Mackenzie Correia, Lindsey Montminy,

            Tanya Roy, Shane Tourtelotte

Excellence in Foods Award – Emily Gonzalez, Kevin Kozak

Family and Consumer Sciences Department Award – Briyanna DeCaprio, Tamiah Sewell



Excellence in Calculus Award – Kelly Guerrero, Robert Tierney

Excellence in Statistics Award – Mackenzie Correia, Hannah Sullivan

John F. Murphy Mathematics Award – Joey Radcliff

United States Air Force Math and Science Award – Joey Radcliff



Louis Armstrong Jazz Award – Alexander Blanchet

Connecticut High School Outstanding Arts Award – Joey Radcliff (Music)

Darcy Davis Scholarship – Tanya Roy

Excellence in Musical Theater Award – Nathan MacDonald

Leonard A. Lipman Memorial Scholarship – Emily Haire

National School Choral Award – Tanner Bosse

Gene Pitney Music Scholarship – Alexander Blanchet

Ernie Rock Memorial Music Award – Tristan Harrison

Rockville High School Marching Band / John Borovicka Scholarship – Aaron Chaffee

Rockville High School Marching Band / William McManus Scholarship – Joey Radcliff

John Philip Sousa Band Award – Victoria Tracy

Susan M. Spadjinske Memorial Scholarship – Allison Camp

Fred Waring Director’s Award for Chorus – Brooke West



CABE Student Leadership Award – Tanya Roy, Joseph Santiago Campos

Congressional Certificate of Merit – Joey Radcliff, Shayna Real

D.A.R. Good Citizen Award – Emily Haire

Excellence in Citizenship Award – Tanya Roy

Foreign Exchange Student Recognition Award – Johannes Wirth

Library Club Volunteer Award – Jacob Blanck

Michaels Jewelers Award – Hamda Khan, Joseph Santiago Campos

National Merit Scholarship Program Commended Student Certificate – Joey Radcliff

Mark E. Smith / John R. Williams Memorial Award – Hamda Khan, Ashley Markunas

Marianne Wellner Memorial Scholarship – Roheena Khan



Outstanding Science Student Awards –

            Anatomy and Physiology – Holly Fischer

            Chemistry – Kailyn Kaluna, Joey Radcliff

Excellence in Allied Health Award – Jason Abrahamson

Raymond Davis Physics Award – Ashley Markunas



Excellence in Applied Psychology Award – Lucas Perkins

Excellence in Economics Award – Johannes Wirth

Excellence in Sociology Award – Amanda Despres, Ashley Markunas

Excellence in World War II Studies – Janet Martinelli

Excellence in ECE Modern European History Award – Jake Mansfield

Philip M. Howe Memorial Award – Amanda Despres

Arthur G. Lyon, Jr. Memorial Scholarship – Kimberly McGuire



Steven Augustus Woodworking Excellence Award – Austin Szrejna

Principles of Engineering Excellence Award – Hannah Brown

Rock ‘n Robots Award – Johannes Wirth

Technology Education Excellence Award – Joseph Santiago Campos

Video Production Senior Award – Tristan Hwalek



Excellence in Spanish Award – Muhammad Haseeb Akhtar (Spanish I), Brittney Lawrence

            (Spanish II), Kelly Guerrero (Spanish III), Regina Spivey (Spanish IV)



Claire C. Bellino Memorial Scholarship – Cierra Taber

John J. Bellino, Jr. Memorial Scholarship – Holly Fischer

Don Berger Family Scholarship – Marlon Jean Louis

Lebbeus F. Bissell Scholarship – Nathan MacDonald, Lindsey Montminy, Shane Tourtelotte

Center Road School PTO Scholarships – Grace Bassick, Aaron Chaffee, Hannah Sullivan

Connecticut Red Sox Scholar Award – Urwa Hameed

Phyllis K. and Roy R. Cordner Scholarship –Hamda Khan, Ashley Markunas

Joan Duell Memorial Nursing Scholarship – Sydney Parrott

East Windsor Garden Club Scholarship – Bridget Beahn

ECHN Scholarship – Bridget Beahn, Shayna Real

Exchange Club of Rockville Scholarship – Urwa Hameed, Shane Tourtelotte

Martin F. Fagan Memorial Scholarship – Adam Muzsi

Charles Francis / Skinner Road School PTO Scholarship – Rosa Mattos

Friends of the Vernon Arts Commission Scholarship – Kelly Guerrero

John Julius Giulietti Memorial Scholarship – Nikolaos Constantopoulos

Alice H. Hammar Memorial Scholarship – Emily Haire

Hartford Foundation for Public Giving College Scholarship Program Award – Kelly Guerrero,

            Kailyn Kaluna, Sydney Ruschmeier, Joseph Santiago Campos, Victoria Tracy

Russell G. Hartmann Memorial Scholarship – Shayna Real

Harry Kehoe Memorial Award – Lindsey Montminy

Knights of Columbus Scholarship – Martha Wiszniak

Sara Humphry Lanciano Memorial Scholarship – Sarah Ference

Richard Lavatori Scholarship – Amanda Despres

Maple Street School PTO / Alice P. Abetz Memorial Scholarship – Emily Sasseville

C. Arthur Mattson Memorial / Lake Street School PTO Scholarship – Sydney Ruschmeier

Northeast School PTO Scholarship – Robert Tierney

Anthony N. Patrizz, Jr. Scholarship – Bridget Beahn

Rosetta C. Pitkat Scholarship – Kimberly Bonneau, Cierra Taber

Rockville High School Class of 2003 Scholarship – Urwa Hameed, Cierra Taber

Rockville High School Student Council Leadership Scholarship – Hamda Khan, Rosa Mattos,

            Lina Pho, Tanya Roy

Frederic E. Turkington Memorial Scholarship – Anna Gabrielli-Lockard

United Bank Foundation Connecticut Vocational Award – Marlon Jean Louis

Vernon Center Middle School PTO Award – Grace Bassick, Tanya Roy

Vernon Education Association / Raymond Ramsdell Scholarship – Ashley Markunas

Vernon Garden Club Scholarship – Bridget Beahn

Vernon Manor Health Care Center Nursing Scholarship Award – Lindsey Montminy

Vernon Police Union Scholarship – Rosa Mattos

Lisa Joy White Memorial Scholarship – Drusilla Charles

Morey and Helen McCarthy Miller Scholarship – Emma Bardon, Taiyaba Batool, Bridget Beahn,

            Alexander Blanchet, Hannah Brown, Exselina Canales, Raabiah Chaudhry,

            Mackenzie Correia, Briyanna DeCaprio, Sarah Ference, Marlon Jean Louis,

            Hamda Khan, Nathan MacDonald, Rosa Mattos, Lindsey Montminy, Joey Radcliff,

            Sydney Ruschmeier, Joseph Santiago Campos, Emily Sasseville, Rayana Smith,

            Hannah Sullivan, Rosa Torres-Hernandez, Shane Tourtelotte, Kevin Zheng




Principal’s Award – Dominique Adkins


Florence Whitlock Memorial Award

Class of 2018 Salutatorian – Lucas Perkins

Class of 2018 Valedictorian – Shayna Real



High Honor Roll Recognition (Q1, Q2 and Q3)


Jason Abrahamson, Grace Bassick, Taiyaba Batool, Bridget Beahn, Jacob Blanck, Tanner Bosse, Hannah Brown, Ashley Bull, Jeralyz Cabrera Colon, Aaron Chaffee, Drusilla Charles, Kelly Collopy, Mackenzie Correia, Briyanna DeCaprio, Holly Fischer, Christopher Galat, Katie Geisinger, Kelly Guerrero, Emily Haire, Urwa Hameed, Jacquelyn Lamoureaux, Jake Mansfield, Ashley Markunas, Janet Martinelli,

Kimberly McGuire, Lindsey Montminy, Sean Nguyen, Lucas Perkins, Joey Radcliff, T’yanna Randall, Shayna Real, Mason Resendes, Lyla Rivera, Gracie Schauster, Hannah Sullivan, Cierra Taber, Robert Tierney, Shane Tourtelotte, Victoria Tracy, Brooke West, Johannes Wirth, Martha Wiszniak

RHS Webmaster

Please consider having your daughter apply to the The University of Connecticut summer Spark program.  Spark is a residential camp for middle and high school girls interested in Computer Science and Engineering offered on the campus of the University of Connecticut at Storrs;  Connecticut's premier state school.  

Spark offers 3 week-long camps in different disciplines:

  1. ​Coding with Arduino (July 9-15)
  2. Robotics with underwater robotics (July 16-22)
  3. 3D printing (July 23-29)

​​Participants can choose to apply to one, two, or all three weeks.  You live for the week at UConn in a dorm, eat in the dining hall; a college experience before you go to college.

No pre experience is required and our young women get hands-on experience learning from UConn's ​women engineers.

A RHS student participated in this last year and had a wonderful experience.  Most costs are picked up by UConn through a scholarship program.   It is a GREAT experience to add to a college application.

The application deadline is June 15, 2018.

nurse webmaster

Vernon Public Schools Health Room

Vernon, CT  06066



Countdown to the First Day of School   



Dear Parents/Guardians,


There are 98 days until the first day of school.  All students entering Kindergarten, Grade 7 and Grade 11 on August 29th, 2018 need a current health assessment physical (not a sports physical) done twelve months prior to the first day of school.


All students new to our district also need a physical done twelve months prior to the first day of school.


Please send a copy of your student’s physical to the school nurse so that she/he may be cleared for the first day of school.  If you have any questions contact your school nurse.


Students who do not turn in a required physical may not be allowed to attend school.


Thank you and have a healthy and safe summer.


Vernon Public School Nurses

May 21, 2018





Please visit our website for additional forms on the District Health/Nurses Office page, https://www.vernonpublicschools.org/departments/health-nurses-office