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Nursery School

RHS Nursery Program

The nursery school is an integral component of the Early Childhood classes in the Family and Consumer Sciences Department at Rockville High School. Early Childhood courses include Child Development and Childhood Education.


“Our experience with Mrs P’s program was exceptional. Every day these kids had creative and FUN learning activities.  Mrs P accommodated all my daughters needs and was very attentive and receptive to both kids and parents. I’ve recommended this program to so many parents based on how much my daughter loved her time there! This year exceeded anything I hoped  it would be-my daughter has grown socially and academically and I’m so grateful.”

-The O’Coin family


Preschool Room


The intent is to provide the students with a background of how children develop, including an understanding of the caregiver’s role in the child’s progress. It is hoped that students will be better able to understand themselves and their potential impact on a child’s development through this program.

The curriculum for the courses include parenting, prenatal influences, early childcare, preschool development of language skills, development of cognitive skills and physical coordination, emotional development, peer relationships and specific areas of concern such as nutrition, discipline, etc.


Preschool Puppets

The nursery school is also intended to expose high school students to a practical experience with preschool children to help them understand the principles discussed in class. This allows these same students an opportunity to explore their attitude towards parenting and possible vocational opportunities in working with children. The preschool laboratory was primarily instituted for these reasons. The students observe the children and plan activities that will progress their growth and development.

The high school students serve as teachers in the nursery school. They work in different areas of the laboratory school such as dramatic play, blocks, art, math, manipulatives, science, reading, and writing. They also assume different responsibilities for planning and leadership during the year. The various responsibilities allow students to observe children in all types of tasks and assist them in developing a better understanding of the unique differences among children of similar ages.

The preschool child is assisted in learning new skills and advancing their cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. The program helps children to become more independent, assists them with forming relationships with peers and adults, exposes children to new and stimulating environments, and gets their first exposure to their life-long learning process. The nursery school activities will sometimes revolve around themes related to the child’s environment. Non-religious holidays and seasonal activities are also included.

Preschool coloring

The nursery school schedule is 9:15 to 11:45 on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from early November until mid-May. Applications will be accepted on a first come first served basis for children who have turned three by November 2023 and who will not enter kindergarten before September 2024. A waiting list will be maintained if necessary. Applications received for children who will turn 3 after November 2023 will only be considered for acceptance if the program is not fully enrolled on September 29, 2023. Children will be admitted at the discretion of the
high school classroom teacher.

Children must be toilet trained and not have any special needs in which a laboratory preschool would not be able to accommodate.

Transportation must be provided by the parent/guardian without the assistance of any high school student. Parents must be able to pick up their child promptly, as there is no provision for care after the laboratory time; the students and the teacher have other classes to attend after the nursery school. 

Any child with six absences may be dropped to provide space for a child on the waiting list. This is necessary, as the original purpose of the nursery school is to assist the high school students in learning about children in a laboratory setting. Extensive absences minimize the ability of the high school students to complete their assignments and to learn about the child(ren) they are observing.


Preschool Reading

The tuition fee is $180.00 for the school year. This fee is intended to provide all the materials for the children such as snacks, paper and paint supplies, materials for special craft items, and replacement of toys, books, and the children’s furnishings. The $180.00 fee is payable in two non-refundable installments, $90 at acceptance, and the second $90 in February 2024.

In the event the child is selected to attend the preschool laboratory school, more information will follow at that time. This is just an attempt to provide a brief overview of the program. All applicants will receive notice of their status upon successful passage of the Vernon Board of Education budget without impact to our program. The first tuition payment should be made after you receive an acceptance letter; please do not send money with the application form.

Contact Information:
Mrs. Kristen Piscottano

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