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Rockville High School will have 6 platinum published pieces, two gold awards, ten silver awards, and 34 honorable mentions in UCONN's 2020 Connecticut Student Writers Magazine 


RHS had winners in every category (fiction, poetry, non-fiction) and our students won more awards than any other high school in CT! 


Platinum Published Pieces:  


  1. Lillian Westerberg-     Fiction         

  2. Victoria Mitchell-       Poetry

  3. Abigail Ursin-           Poetry

  4. Madeleine Brouillard-  Fiction

  5. Madeleine Brouillard-  Poetry

  6. Abigail Vartanian-      Fiction


 Gold Award

  1. Thomas Rhoades-  Fiction

  2. Chelsea Koss-  Poetry


Silver Award


  1. Robyn McNeilly-     Fiction

  2. Caitlin Chatterton-    Poetry

  3. Kaylin Mayer-   Fiction and Poetry

  4. Shawna Cote-  Fiction

  5. I  Fauteux-    Fiction

  6. Sara Cove- Poetry

  7. Kimberly Gonzalez- Poetry

  8. Lucas Boothroyd- Artwork

  9. Mary Rose Maughan-Poetry

  10. Carley Simler- Silver


Honorable Mentions

  1. Clarissa Halpryn- Poetry and Fiction

  2. Mikayla Leskey- Poetry and Fiction

  3. Jerelis Deleon -Poetry

  4. Kyle Schambach- Poetry

  5. Anaya Tolton -Poetry

  6. Cali Miville - Fiction

  7. Stella Scheff - Poetry

  8. Victoria Trojanowski- Fiction

  9. Kai Carozza-Lutz- Poetry

  10. Olivia Crowley-  Poetry and Fiction

  11.   Natalie Tolman -  Poetry

  12. Alyssa Adcock - Fiction

  13. Sara Cove- Fiction

  14. Ashley McCauley-Fiction

  15. Allison Blume- Poetry and Non-Fiction

  16. Abigail Vartanian - Non-Fiction and Poetry

  17. Emma Blanchet- Poetry

  18. Shawna Cote- Poetry

  19. Eliza DeGiacomo- Poetry

  20. Carly Simler- Poetry

  21. Emily Sunderland Poetry and Fiction

  22. Michael Ansong- Non-Fiction and Poetry

  23. Lucas Boothroyd- Non-Fiction

  24. Abigail Perkins- Non-Fiction and Poetry

  25. Thomas Rhoades-Non-Fiction and Poetry