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The Rockville High School Athletic Department is on YouTube! Over the winter season we were able to stream all home basketball games to our channel. Now that the spring season is here we would like to continue to stream our athletic contests and highlight our student athletes. For this to be possible we need your help to get over 1,000 subscribers to our channel. Getting 1,000 followers will allow us to stream from any mobile device, which will make it much easier to stream outdoor contests. Please click the link below and hit subscribe to support our student athletes. Thank you for your help and I hope you enjoy the spring season!



-Jeffrey Farrell, Director of Athletics & Physical Education, Health, & Wellness:

Media Webmaster

Next week is Spring Recess for Vernon Public Schools, but the Food & Nutrition Services Department will still be providing meals for children 18 and under at no cost on Wednesday April 14th.  Swing by Rockville High School or Vernon Center Middle School between 12:00 – 3:00PM on Wednesday April 14th to pick up meals for your kiddos, no sign up required! The child does not need to be present at pick up.

Curbside Meals for Kids over Sprint Break!


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During the month of February, school ended each day with a "Black History Moment" where we all listened and learned about an important black leader from American History. We compiled these into a FlipGrid to save the students' hard work and for all to enjoy! Thank you to the RHS Youth Equity Committee for sharing these moments with us.


Use Password: RockStrong to access.

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The spring Flower Power fundraiser for the class of 2023 has started.  We get 50% profit from all sales and all online sales are shipped directly to the buyers home, so you can sell to relative that may live across the country or world! Please help support the class of 2023 with purchasing some exquisite flower bulbs. Students earn 50% profit on this fundraiser and it will hopefully fund our deposits for both junior and senior prom. In the current situation many families are struggling with basic needs let alone extras such as prom or class outing. These funds will help bring down the costs to everyone in the class of 2023, and make those memories a little more affordable for our entire population. Please click this link to support RHS class of 2023: http://RHS2023.fpfundraising.com.

Media Webmaster

RHS Snow Day Schedule

SNOW DAY SCHEDULE: This schedule will be used for ALL snow days, including if the snow day is on a virtual learning Wednesday.

We are following this schedule on Friday, December 18th