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Dear RHS families,

The time is here to announce our scholarship and awards ceremony for the class of 2020! Please visit the site below and view all of the videos! The following is important to know: all comments and video replies are moderated by RHS administration and will not show up immediately after posting. 



This experience allows you the option to congratulate an award recipient with a reply message. You can record yourself speaking or use a background and text. You can create a reply by clicking on the Green Reply button in the bottom, center of each video. It will ask you for your name and OPTIONAL email before you record. Please keep your congratulations short and sweet so we can approve them as fast as possible! Once approved, replies will be public. You will be able to interact from 6:00-8:30pm. After 8:30pm, you will still be able to view, but will no longer be able to comment and reply. We are so proud of our seniors! Please join us in congratulating their accomplishments!


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