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Join us in celebrating Rockville FFA

Rockville FFA Week


Feb 24th - 28th: FFA Week Activities: 


  1. Mon: Meme Day 

  2. Tues: Cowboy Day 

  3. Wed: Flag Day 

  4. Thurs: Clash of the Content Area 

  5. Fri: FFA/RHS Spirit


Penny Wars all week - add pennies to select the Team or Teacher you want “Pied” , Pennies and $Bills add points but nickels, dimes, and quarters subtract.

Karen Lipski

The late bus runs on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. 

The bus (#18) will arrive in front of the building at 3:20 and will leave promptly at 3:25. Stops will be made at each of the five elementary schools in this order: Skinner Road, Maple Street, Northeast, Center Road, and Lake Street. Students should get off the bus at the elementary school located closest to their home.​