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Technology Education

Technology education includes the study of transportation, communication, manufacturing, construction, and engineering. The curriculum provides students with an opportunity to develop their career and vocational interests. Language Arts and Technological Literacy will be stressed while the students are engaged in activity-based learning. Students will develop critical thinking and problem solving skills through interdisciplinary learning activities involving science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Teamwork is emphasized whenever possible. The environmental, social, and political impacts of technology will be considered in all courses. Critical thinking skills learned in technology education are vital to all students, no matter what level of education and/or career path they intend to pursue.

  • Technology Education at Rockville High School focuses on preparing students for the jobs of today and tomorrow.
  • With hands-on and minds-on classes in Architecture, Automotive, Construction, Engineering, CAD, Graphic Design, and Video Production, students can get the experiences they need to be successful in their post-secondary experiences.
  • Use of cutting edge equipment like DSLR Cameras, 3D printers, CNC Routers, CNC Mills, Laser Engravers, Tetrix Robotics Kits, and cutting edge software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere, Chief Architect, Solidworks and MasterCam, the Tech Ed Program prides itself on constantly providing students with real world skills using real world technology.
  • Students can also earn MCC College Career Path credits for many courses.

6201 Exploring Technology

6305A/B Drafting

6219A/B Power/Auto Technology I

6220A/B Power/Auto Technology II

6215 Digital Media Design SI

6216 Digital Media Design S2

6204A/B Wood and Material Processing

6222 Construction Management

6223 Construction Systems

6221 Production and Engineering Tech

6310A/B Fire Technology

6307 Video Production I 

6313 Video Production II

6314 Video Production III

6315 Video Production IV

6316 Principles of Engineering I 

6317 Principles of Engineering II 

* 0.25 credit
+ 0.75 credit
~ 1.50 credits
◊ 2.00 credits
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