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Social Studies

  • Here in the Social Studies Department we aim to develop and nurture students who are 21st century critical thinkers. Students who possess skills that are necessary in order to be college and career ready when they leave R.H.S. We strive to teach students to be open minded, problem solving, collaborators, and those who can apply information learned to real world situations. Most importantly we strive ensure that all students become knowledgable, responsible, and productive citizens for the United States of America.
  • The Social Studies Department offers a variety of courses that are designed to reach all types of learners including College Prep, AP, Honors, and UCONN (ECE) credit classes.
  • Our department is best known for the exciting variety of elective courses we offer including Sociology, Psychology, World War II, Criminal Justice, Law, and Economics. See the complete list of courses below.
  • We are excited to offer our Humanities Scholars Program for the first time this year. The program provides an opportunity to specialize in one of several Humanities tracks throughout their four years at RHS.
  • Did you know that you could earn up to 9 college credits through our department?

8317 Global Studies I – College

8318 Global Studies II – College

8406 Global Studies I – Honors

8407 Global Studies II – Honors

8326* CCE-Law & Government

8319 Contemporary World Issues – College

8408 Contemporary World Issues - Honors

8304 Civics – College

8305A/B United States History – College

8324A/B◊ American Culture (with 2351A/B)

8405A/B United States History – Honors

8503A/B◊ American Studies-History-ECE (w/2504A/B)

8501A/B A.P. United States History

8401 Ancient World History-Honors

8402 Modern European History-Honors

8502A/B Modern European History - ECE

8325A Popular Culture I-History (w/2325A)

8325B# Popular Culture II-History (W/2325B#)

8320 Sociology: Culture & the Media - College

8321 Sociology: Deviance & Inequality - College

8307 Economics – College

8308 Recent American Studies–College

8322 Developmental Psychology - College

8323 Applied Psychology - College

8313 World War II – College

8409 World War II – Honors

8310 Introduction to Law – College

8311 Criminal Justice – College

8327 Consumer Law - College

* 0.25 credit
+ 0.75 credit
~ 1.50 credits
◊ 2.00 credits
CCP College Career Pathways

# Tentative