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  • We offer a wide variety of both large and small performing ensembles, including Marching Band, Symphony Band, Pep Band, Jazz Band, Vocalistas, Vocal Motion and RHS Carolers.
  • Our wide range of music electives, allows students to develop 21st century learning skills in a creative and responsive environment, while nurturing their love of music.
  • We offer AP Music Theory and ECE Music Fundamentals I & II, which gives students the opportunity to gain college credit before leaving high school.

Music, together with all the arts, shares a fundamental and integral place in the educated mind. The Music Education Department at Rockville High School provides an environment in which students can undergo the maximum musical growth consistent with their abilities, interests, and desire to pursue learning.

Our goal is to develop students who:

are able to perform music alone and with others.
are able to use the vocabulary and notation of music.
are able to respond to music aesthetically, intellectually, and emotionally.
are acquainted with a wide variety of music, including diverse musical styles and genres, representing cultures of the world
are able to make aesthetic judgments based on critical listening and analysis.
have developed a commitment to music.
support the musical life of the community and encourage others to do so.

are able to continue their musical learning independently.

0510 CCE-Arts-Visual & Performing Arts

0511 CCE-Arts-Audiovisual Tech

6522 Basic Piano Keyboard

6523 Intermediate Piano Keyboard

6521 Music Technology

6529 Introduction to Musical Theater

6524 Marching Band / Color Guard I

6525 Marching Band / Color Guard II

6534 Symphony Band I – College

6542 Symphony Band I – Honors

6535 Symphony Band II – College

6543 Symphony Band II – Honors

6532A/B Rockville Chamber Choir – College

6540A/B Rockville Chamber Choir – Honors

6533A/B Rockville Concert Choir – College

6541A/B Rockville Concert Choir – Honors

6544A/B Band / Vocal Ensemble – Honors

6550A/B A.P. Music Fundamentals

6551 Music Fundamentals and Ear Training 1 – ECE

6552 Music Fundamentals and Ear Training 2 – ECE