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Health & Physical Education

Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong.

John F. Kennedy


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Health and physical education provides a blueprint for how students can live an active, healthy, and balanced life. Likewise, it affords students the opportunity to acquire and hone essential 21st century skills such as critical thinking and problem solving, communication and collaboration, and health literacy in addition to enabling students to become self-directed learners and responsible, productive citizens. These are life-long skills that will benefit the future of all students and empower each one to live a healthy and balanced life.

Health Education

Physical Education


HEALTH: 1.0 credit

Health 9 and Health 10 are the required health courses that will fulfill this requirement.


Students must choose two physical education courses to fulfill this requirement. Courses can be repeated. Additional physical education courses may also be taken to fulfill elective credits.


How do I live a healthy and balanced life?

Our lessons enable students to make the connection between the decisions they make and their  ability to live a healthy and balanced life now and in the future.

Our performance based tasks and assessments enable students to demonstrate their understanding of this connection.

Our strong emphasis on physical fitness helps students understand the relationship between fitness and living a balanced life.

Our personalized PE courses at RHS allow students the choice to engage in classes and activities in which they enjoy so they will continue a healthy and physically active lifestyle after RHS.

Our program facilitates critical thinking and problem solving, communication and collaboration, and health literacy - all skills which are essential to living a healthy and balanced life!