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Collage English Dept.


  • The English Department offers a variety of rigorous courses that give students the opportunity to receive AP credit.

  • The English Department offers three ECE courses that are available to students in their Junior and Senior years.

  • RHS wins more writing contests than any other public or private school in Connecticut. Creative Writing Program Video

  • RHS has a strong drama program that received numerous awards at the Connecticut Drama association.

  • RHS Book Club provides opportunities to explore current and popular novels and to meet with famous authors

  • The RHS Creative Writing Program hosts a student written murder mystery play, as well as many readings and poetry slams throughout the year.

  • The Humanities Scholars provides an opportunity to specialize in one of several Humanities tracks.

2301A/BEnglish 9 – College

2401A/BEnglish 9 – Honors

2302A/BEnglish 10 – College

2402A/BEnglish 10 – Honors

2303A/BEnglish 11 – College

2504A/B◊American Studies-English-ECE (w/8503A/B)

2304A/BEnglish 12 – College

2305A/BEffective Communication (CCP)

2502A/BAcademic Writing - ECE

2503A/BWriting through Literature – ECE

9103A/BReading Efficiency

2206A/BFoundations of Reading

2210A/BReading Essentials

2324*Study Skills

2308Creative Writing I

2309Creative Writing II

2318A/BAdv Creative Writing

2405A/BAdvanced Acting

2316Film Studies I

2317Film Studies II

2325APopular Culture I-English (w/8325A)

2325B#Popular Culture II-English (w/8325B#)

*0.25 credit
+0.75 credit
~1.50 credits
◊2.00 credits
CCPCollege Career Pathways