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Business education serves the entire school population through a relevant curriculum orientated to provide career direction, job skills, and a sound foundation for advanced study.

  • The RHS Business and Computer Science department offers a variety of rigorous Business and Computer Science courses that are all held in computer labs.

  • Over $200,000 in grant funds have been secured over the past several years to continuously improve departmental technology and labs.

  • Develop skills in multiples digital platforms and across multiple digital devices

  • We offer courses that are articulated with Manchester Community College for college credit.

Business Education offers something for everyone.

  • Prepare students to become financially literate through required courses.

  • Develop life skills needed by all consumers.

  • Expand your teenager's educational opportunities.

  • Provide two educational options in one--College Prep. and Job Prep.

  • Offer everyone a path to success.

  • Help your teenager acquire lifelong skills and habits to apply to any career.

  • Broaden your teenager's lifelong work and study options.

  • Help your daughter or son pay for college through jobs obtained with skills acquired in Business Education.

  • Provide your teenager with opportunities to apply academic content.

Software Applications teaches the student how to purposefully and productively use the computer and its applications in a manner that will prepare students to become college and career ready.

Personal Finance teaches the student how to respond to and prepare for the major life events that we all face:  managing income and a budget, borrowing money, establishing and maintaining credit, acquiring valuable property such as automobiles and housing, protecting those valuables through insurance, and saving for retirement.

Business and Computer Science electives provide the opportunity for ALL RHS students, whether on a college or career path, to experience the components needed for success.  Thinking about starting your own business . . . take our Entrepreneurship, Management, and Marketing courses.  Interested in Healthcare . . . Look into our Allied Health program.  Thinking about Computer Science and video game design . . . enroll in any of the computer programming courses we offer.  Preparing for the world of business AFTER college - look into our Accounting and Business Law offerings.  Want to improve statistical analysis and business writing skills . . . enroll in the Math Through Sports course.   

Business Course Offerings for 2020-2021