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FFA Chapter

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  • FFA is the top school-based youth leadership development organization in the United States. FFA cultivates and  nurtures future leaders who go on to change  how the world grows.
  • Through a unique combination of education, experiential learning, and service-based opportunities rooted in agriculture, FFA empowers middle and high school students to become our next generation of courageous andknowledgeable leaders. 
  • All ASTE students are members of the Rockville FFA Chapter. We elect chapter officers, and engage in activities, events, and competitions related to the organization’s mission. 
  • Every year, our FFA chapter takes time to plan ways to provide engaging opportunities focused on growing leaders, building communities and strengthening agriculture. 
  • Chapter meetings are held each month. By participating in the meetings, members learn communication, planning and parliamentary skills. 
  • Recreation and refreshments aid in building relationships before and after meetings.