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1:1 Technology RHS

All RHS students are provided with a device. Paperwork regarding the devices (RHS 1:1 Computer Agreement) can be found on ParentSquare and on the important documents and forms page.

If you are experiencing computer issues from home during school hours, please contact the library media center at 860-870-6050 ext. 4076 or ext. 4021. You can also email kara.gumke@vernonct.org or gulrukh.khan@vernonct.org and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We will help you the best we can and relay your issue to our IT department if necessary.

Device Insurance Information:

Students arriving during their Freshman year will pay an insurance fee of $30 for Freshman year, or a one-time fee of $95 for all 4 years. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors will pay $30 per school year. These fees are nonrefundable. Current Juniors and Sophomores who paid $95 in their Freshman year are fully covered and do not owe any additional money for School Device insurance.

The required fee is to pay for any needed repairs or replacement costs associated with the 1:1 initiative. Insurance fees may be paid with a money order. No personal checks or cash will be accepted. Please make a money order payable to “VPS School Device Insurance” and include your student’s name on the money order. You can also pay through an account at www.myschoolbucks.com.

Responsibility for Damage and Loss:

The student is responsible for maintaining a 100% working School Device at all times and shall use reasonable care to ensure that the School Device is not damaged. If the student loses or damages the School Device or any of the accessories due to negligence, deliberate destruction or repeated breakage, the student and guardian may be billed for the full cost of repair or replacement. If a screen needs to be replaced more than two times per school year, the full cost of a screen replacement will be charged.

Replacement Costs Chromebook/Dell

School Device- $259.00 /$579.00

Screen- $45.00 /$50.00

Keyboard- $73.00 /$30.00

Battery- $63.00 /$100.00

Charger- $49.00 /$60.00

Case- $40.00/ $44.00

Asset Tag- $259.00 /$579.00

Touchpad- $40.00/ $20.00

1:1 Handbook and Forms

Chromebook Shortcuts

RHS Chromebook App and Add-On Request Form

Frequently Asked Questions 1:1

How can I change my password?

Please see library staff with any password issues.

How can I print from my Chromebook?

Log into your Google Drive account on a computer that has access to a printer. (The library media center is always an option.

On-line Resources