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allison lawrence

Officer Allison Lawrence 
School Resource Officer

District Security Page

Security/School Resource Officer

Rockville High School is unique in the fact that it has one of the leading community police-based programs in the country at the present time. The School Resource Officer (SRO) program is very prevalent in the southern and western United States, where it was a great benefit to have an officer assigned to the school. We have been lucky enough to have School Resource Officer at Rockville High School since August 1995. The SRO program helps to break down barriers between the youth and the police by having the officer interact in different roles. It is a proactive program in which the officer assigned participates in three major roles.

LAW-ENFORCEMENT OFFICER. As an officer for the school community, the SRO responds to incidents, conducts investigations as needed, makes arrests, referrals, works with juvenile authorities, other agencies, and is a link between the police and the school community. The SRO can act as a deterrent and along with the staff, often mediate problems that arise between students.

LAW-RELATED TEACHER. As a member of the faculty and administration the SRO provides law-related education to students, parents, and staff on request, and also may aid in class instruction as a guest speaker.

LAW-RELATED COUNSELOR. Providing informal counseling of students and parents based on the expertise of a law enforcement officer, the SRO works closely with school counseling staff. The SRO can provide information on community services and can provide another person to turn to when help is needed.

The presence of a School Resource Officer makes students, teachers, and staff feel safer which ultimately has a positive impact on the occurrence of incidents and acts of violence. The program fosters a foundation for a safer, more secure school, free of fear and more conducive to learning.

The School Resource Officer makes it a point to be available for the students throughout the school day. Students and parents are welcome to call or arrange for an appointment to talk if they have any questions regarding the program or use of his services as an SRO. Students are encouraged to share information to help in keeping drugs and violence out of Rockville High School.