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Emails from the Principal


October 23, 2020

Good afternoon Rockville High School families,

Picture Retakes: Picture retakes for grades 9-11 (A-L cohort) will take place this Monday, October 26th. Please have your student see Mrs. Krupienski or Mrs. Haines in the Administrative Offices for a pass to the auditorium. Picture retakes for the M-Z cohort will be held in January on a date TBD. More information to follow.

Picture day for virtual students is Wednesday, November 4th from 8-12. Students should enter the school via the auditorium. Please use the link below to sign up.

NOV 4 - Virtual students picture day (sign up)

Seniors! Please contact Prestige Portraits at 1-800-426-9533 to schedule your yearbook photo session if you have not already done so. Please see Mrs. Krupienski in the Administrative Offices or call 860-870-6050 extension 4009 with senior photo questions or concerns. It is important to us that all seniors have a photo in the yearbook. Let us know how we can help!

Working Papers Information (click link below)

Distance Site:    Link to RHS 9-12 Distance Site 

Grades - Q1 Ending:

  • The first marking period ends on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30 please excuse my error in my update last Friday. 



  • Girls basketball- 11/21 8:00-10:00 AM

  • Boys basketball- Virtual Meeting 10/23 @ 2:15

  • Tryouts:11/21 10:00-12:00 and 3:00-5:00. Google classroom code- xiw7h7l

  • Indoor Track- Meeting 11/20 3:15. First day 11/23- 3:15.

  • Wrestling- 11/23 @ 3:00

  • Boys Ice Hockey- 11/21 6:30-8:00 PM @ Bolton Ice Palace

  • Girls Ice Hockey- Player/guardian meeting 11/4 @ 6:00 in East Catholic Cafeteria. First day 11/23 3:30 @ Newington rink

  • Cheerleading- 11/18 5:00-7:00 PM

To sign up you must register on Familyid.com with a parent/guardian. A current physical must be uploaded or submitted to the nurse prior to the first day. - FAMILY ID LINK 

Enjoy your weekend!

Mr. Magao

October 16, 2020

Good afternoon Rockville families,

Student Success:

  • Please be sure to check grades on ASPEN on a regular basis.  The quarter will be closing on October 29, 2020 and we want to help our students start off on the right foot and we truly appreciate your support.  If you have questions on how to access your children’s grades please don’t hesitate to contact their school counselor or teachers


  • A reminder to all parents and spectators for athletic events: Spectators are not allowed at other schools. For home contests, spectators must have a ticket to attend. Masks and social distance are required at all times. GO RAMS!

Virtual Open House

  • We are planning a virtual open house for families.  I will send out detailed information soon on how to access this information.

Have a great weekend,

Mr. Magao

October 9, 2020

Good afternoon Rockville families,

We hope you enjoy your Holiday weekend and the time spent with family.  


 October 14th PSAT and SAT

  • We will have regular bus transportation in the morning and then on the half day schedule for when students finish

  • There will be no classes for grades 9 and 10

  • Grade 11 students will take the PSAT 

  • Grade 12 students who choose to will be taking the make-up SAT school day


Annual Parent Notice FERPA (Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act) forms are posted on the Vernon Public Schools website.  These forms include:

  • Access to Student Information by Military or College Recruiters

  • Student Privacy Rights - Directory Information and Photography

  •  Annual Notice of Student Education Record Privacy

  •  Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment – Scheduled   Activities and Surveys Annual Notice to Parents

  • Notice of Pesticide Applications

  •  Annual Notification of Asbestos Management Plan

To access these forms:


Click on “Rockville High School”

“About Us”

“Documents and Forms”

“Annual Parent Notices”

These forms are provided for your information and do not need to be returned UNLESS a parent wishes to sign an “exclusion” form.  Any signed exclusion forms should be returned to the RHS Main Office as soon as possible.


Mr. Magao

October 2, 2020

Good afternoon Rockville families,

Schedule: We have been gathering feedback from you, the students and the staff and we are going to implement a new thought process starting the week after next. We hope this will help us reach all learners in the most effective way possible. Unfortunately, due to the unforeseen but significant increase in cost with making an adjustment to the daily drop off time, we are not going to be able to move forward with the original plan.  We have a back-up plan which will look similar but keep the same schedule and cohorts for the high school.  I will send a detailed plan to everyone Monday.

October 14th PSAT and SAT

  • We will have regular bus transportation in the morning and then on the half day schedule for when students finish

  • There will be no classes for grades 9 and 10

  • Grade 11 students will take the PSAT 

  • Grade 12 students who choose to will be taking the make-up SAT school day

Progress Reports

First quarter midterm progress report grades and comments have been posted in Aspen and can be viewed by parents/guardians and students.  The first quarter will end on October 30, 2020.

To view progress report information in Aspen:

  • Select the Family top tab

  • Select the Transcript side tab

  • Click on the 2021 link for each course

    • Midterm 1 = numerical grade for course

    • Comments for each course listed as they would show on a printed progress report​

  • ​Navigate from course to course using the arrows at the t​op of the screen under Log Off

To receive a printed progress report via the postal mail or for assistance with an Aspen account, contact Rita Courtois at rita.courtois@vernonct.org or 860-870-6050, ext 4065.  Please provide the student's name in the email.

Please see the distance learning site for school and individual classroom/teacher information.


Thank you,

Mr. Magao

September 25, 2020

Good afternoon,


  • Games will begin on October 1st. Each spectator will be required to have a ticket. Tickets will be given to the student athletes to give to 2 members of their family. Tickets will be collected at the game. Face coverings must be worn at all times and please socially distance at the games.

  • For a full schedule please go to this link. http://ciacsports.com/site/?page_id=105

  • This fall we are running boys soccer, girls soccer, cross country, girls volleyball, cheer, unified sports, and football (practice only).

  • We are in need of student volunteers to help at athletic events. Community service hours will be provided. If your son or daughter would like to help have them see Mr. Farrell in the athletics office.

Community Service Hours

  • I am in discussions with Dr. Macary and the BOE about how we will be handling our community service requirements, more information to follow.

October 14th SAT and PSAT 

  • We will be having PSAT for grade 11 and SAT Schoolday for current grade 12 students who have not already taken the SAT (make-up from the Spring).  This will impact the 9th and 10th grade students as they will not have school on that day, but will have assigned work to be completed.  This will impact 11th and 12th grade students because that is a Wednesday and they will have to physically come to Rockville High School to take the test.  Students who are entirely virtual will have to make a decision if they are going to come to RHS for these assessments.

September 19, 2020

Good afternoon,

We have been reviewing survey results from both parents and students while we try to make each day even better for students at Rockville High School.  Thank you for your valuable input.

Student/Parent Handbook

Please follow the link below to view and acknowledge the RHS Student Handbook Sign Off and Technology Compliance Agreement:



Breakfast and lunch is currently free for all Vernon students until at least mid-December per the State of Connecticut. 


We have had a few minor issues over the past week that we have sorted out in regards to Zoom.  To enhance Zoom security, students will only be allowed into their Zoom classroom if they are displaying their first and last name. Staff members at RHS can assist if students do not know how to change their name on the screen.


We are currently having conversations around the best practice for students who are enrolled in the hybrid model but decide to go virtual on a day in which they should be physically present.  There are pros and cons to each side of the argument but we have not come to a decisive conclusion yet.  We will be sending out guidance on this matter in the near future.  At this time, whenever a student chooses to go from in person to virtual for the day , they must contact the Attendance office at RHS.Attendance@vernonct.org and their teachers?

Teacher Communication

The best way to contact teachers is through their vernonct.org email which is first name.last name@vernonct.org. (ex: jason.magao@vernonct.org) There have been issues with Google Classroom and messaging through that avenue. Please email teachers with questions and concerns. 

Thank you and have an outstanding weekend,

Mr. Magao

September 4, 2020

Good afternoon Rockville Families,

Thank you for your assistance and understanding during our opening week of school.  Your children were fantastic!

This email is to send information that has been requested the most over the past week from families.  I will continue to send updates every Friday in an attempt to keep everyone current.

Rockville High School Virtual Learning Information:

The distance learning site is used to provide information to families and be a one stop shop for you to find information regarding RHS both Virtual Learning and in-person Hybrid.  This information includes but is not limited to: 

  • Where to find Google Classroom Codes for all teachers

  • Chromebook repair contact information


Aspen: The link below is a tutorial for families on how to navigate ASPEN. Please contact Rita Courtois at rita.courtois@vernonct.org for assistance with logins and passwords, if needed. 


Google Classroom:

Please follow the link below to better understand the Google Classroom 1:1 process. 

Google Classroom Help

RHS Student/Parent Handbook:

The link for our 2020/2021 Student/Parent Handbook is below.  We have also provided every student with a paper copy.  Please click here to read, review and acknowledge the Handbook Sign-off and

Technology Compliance Agreement.   

RHS 2020/2021 Student/Parent Handbook

Video Conferencing Expectations (Zoom, Google Meets, etc.):

While using any video conferencing platform, students/parents/guardians are expected to follow the practices noted below. Failure to comply with the following expectations may result in school consequences.

  • Screenshots or photos of screens on any device when using any video conferencing platform may not be taken.

  •  Meeting links and passwords cannot be shared with anyone, including other students who are not scheduled to be in the assigned meeting.

  • Video conferencing sessions on any platform, including Zoom and Google Meet, cannot be recorded.

  • All school and district policies apply, including the Acceptable Use and Technology Compliance Agreement for all grade levels, when using any video conferencing platform. 

  • All behavioral expectations included in each respective school’s student handbook, including adherence to school dress codes, apply when using video conferencing platforms.

  • When students lose a connection to a video conferencing platform while it is in session, they are expected to make several attempts to rejoin the session. Should problems or technical issues persist, please email the student’s teacher(s). This will provide documentation of the issue and appropriate adjustments can be made to ensure a student does not fall behind due to an issue with technology.

Late Bus Information

  • Begins next week Tuesday and Thursday

  • Normally Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

  • Leaves RHS around 3:15

  • Drops off at elementary schools

  • Used for extracurricular activities and working with teachers after school

Have an excellent holiday weekend!

-Mr. Magao

An Important message from Pupil Services

August 28, 2020:

Hello Rockville Students & Parents,

During the last few weeks many families have let us know what type of learning model your student will be engaged in  - virtual versus the hybrid model.  On Monday we will have two types of learning going on in person and virtual synchronous learning.

 How things will differ from the Spring of 2020

  1. All students are required to take part in every class, attendance will be taken both in-person and virtually at regularly scheduled times. (see below for schedule times).
  2. 70% is passing for every class.
  3. Wednesday’s are ½ Day’s in the morning and all students are required to participate virtually.
  4. Masks must be worn unless you are directed by a staff member otherwise (mask-breaks).
  5. Lanes must be followed in the hallways as they are now divided and arrows are on the floors.
  6. Water fountains will be disabled but water filling stations will work. Water bottles are encouraged. 
  7. Teachers will be requiring students to attend video conferences this year. 
  8. We will survey parents, staff and students to continuously develop this plan as it will continue to be fluid.
  9. We will support students while we work through any and all issues this week including logging into google classroom, zoom, etc.

 Hybrid (last name) A-L

  • Rockville High School opens at 7 am but during this time it would be helpful if students who are driven to school or walk came closer to 7:15.  Due to this being the first week of school, we have to go over rules and protocols, therefore all students will be directed to the front entrance (Monday and Thursday),  to receive materials.  Remember that student drop off is on the side of the school and buses drop off in the front.  Monday is an A day you will have blocks 1- 4. Please bring a charged chrome book, binder and writing materials (pens, pencils). Please bring any materials you have from the Spring that belong to RHS.

 Hybrid (last name) M-Z and ALL VIRTUAL LEARNERS

  • Blocks 1-4 will be running at their normal times and the expectation is that you will sign into your teachers zoom and/or other online platform that they have indicated via email/Google Classroom.  
    • Block 1 - 7:30 - 8:54
    • Block 2  - 9:00 - 10:29
    • Block 3  - 10:35 - 12:30 (there is lunch built in here and your teacher will let you know when your lunch is for that block)
    • Block 4  - 12:36 - 2:00
  • Rock Block - if you have a rock block your teacher will be in contact with you to let you know how you will jointly navigate this resource.  Rock Block teachers are here to help you and to advocate for educational opportunities that you need.


As we all navigate this learning together there are resources along the way to help  you.  Please peruse our Distance Learning Link to learn more about RHS.

 Can’t wait to see everyone next week and have a great weekend!

The Entire Rockville High School Team