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Second Grade

The second graders have an exciting year planned for them. They have all been busy with daily writing, and the stories they are writing are wonderful. They are learning the steps necessary to publish their stories-prewriting, revisions, editing, and proofreading.

Reading and Language Arts have centered around working individually, with partners and small groups to discuss stories they have read, make personal connections and help each other with their assignments. It is exciting to see and hear the learning going on in the classroom.

Second grade science consists of three units, “New Plants”, “Solids & Liquids” and “Pebbles, Sand & Silt”. We do many mini-units in Social Studies (ex. Holidays, Fire safety, Map skills) and larger units on “Coming To America” and “Japanese Culture”. Health units include “Anti-Bullying” (many stories are read and role playing done), “Personal Safety” and “Healthy Eating”. Second grade is an exciting time and the students are always learning something new.