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Kindergarten is a time of great growth, both academically and socially. All Kindergarten students are expected to be able to speak in complete sentences, express ideas, and write simple sentences. They also need to recognize/identify all the letters of the alphabet, know the sounds each letter makes, segment words, and rhyme. Throughout the year we will also teach your child about the main idea, predicting and making connections. In math, they will be expected to know how to classify objects, identifying numbers, writing numbers, and making patterns. From a social aspect, students will learn how to take turns, follow directions, work in small groups, and work independently. They will learn that their actions can affect others both positively and negatively.

As Kindergarten teachers, it is our job to build trusting relationships with each student. Once there is a foundation of trust, student learning will quickly follow. With parental support and our expectation that all students can learn, each student will have the opportunity to not only reach their potential, but surpass it.