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Student Gallery

Artsonia is a website that houses photographs of masterpieces your child has created this year! View their progress at anytime by creating an account and signing a permission slip. For any questions regarding Artsonia, please contact Kathryn Sabal, MSS Art Teacher. Click the Artsonia image to log in today!

Why should students visit Artsonia?

  • Post artwork
  • Add titles and descriptions to artwork already posted to tell your audience
    • Why did you create this piece of art?
    • What was most challenging?
    • How can I enhance my art?

Why should parents visit Artsonia?

  • View your child's masterpiece
  • Send a comment to your child, they will love to hear how much you loved their piece of art
  • Order your child's masterpiece from the gift shop
  • Add fans-let your family and friends become fans of your child