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Second Grade

Chelsea Artzerounian

cVanessa Corrao

Crystal Flaherty

Three Key Learnings in Math

  • Students will expand their knowledge of telling time to the nearest five minutes, and concepts of money including adding and subtracting totals and making change.
  • Students will continue to work on addition and subtraction strategies, this time with sums to 1,000 and building fact fluency through 20.
  • Students will have problem application notebooks to tackle word problems independently and support their thinking in writing.

Please visit the following websites in order to support your student’s learning in Math:

Xtra Math

Math Playground


Three Key Learings in English Language Arts

  • Students will develop an understanding of various elements of fiction books such as: character traits and feelings, character development throughout a story, and story structure.
  • Students will develop an understanding of the characteristics of a nonfiction book compared to a fiction book, read for information effectively and write nonfiction pieces after doing research of their own.
  • Students will work with a new phonics program called Fundations. Fundations is a hands on program designed to reinforce letter and sound recognition and improve spelling.
Please visit the following websites in order to support student’s learning in ELA: