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Reading/Math Intervention

Julie Beturne - Reading Teacher

Emily McArthur- Reading Teacher

Shireen Rhoades-Reading Teacher

Sasha Anderson- Math Interventionist


Lindsey Robbins- Math Interventionist


Reading Department

Through individual and small group instruction, the reading team is committed to improving every aspect of your child's reading. During the day, we work with students in grades K-5. Our ultimate goal is to help your child develop a love of reading and become a life-long reader! We are very lucky that our reading department not only works with children in small groups and within their classroom but we also provide reading recovery interventions and leveled literacy interventions.

Math Interventionist

I am pleased to help your children achieve their math goals! I will support your children by enhancing their mathematical background through individual and small group instruction. Together, your child and I will enjoy activites to improve computation, problem solving and mathematical concepts. My goal is to provide every child the opportunity to allow their inner mathematician to shine!