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Kristen Wood

This year in Kindergarten, we will have three major focus areas in both Reading/Writing and Math.
In Reading/Writing:
  • We will learn all about letters and their sounds.
  • We will learn that people can communicate and tell stories with pictures and words.
  • We will learn that readers use strategies to monitor, fix, and understand what they read.
In Math
  • We will learn about counting and numbers.
  • We will learn that numbers can be represented in many different ways (e.g., objects, pictures, combinations).
  • We will learn addition and subtraction concepts.

Some helpful websites that your child can visit with your supervision to reinforce their learning are:
Reading and Math:
Reading - Coming Soon
One way we will grow as readers is to learn to read many words accurately and fluently. In Kindergarten, we will focus on the first 50 Fry words, which are the most common words found in print. As words are introduced, students will bring home flashcards to practice. We will provide you with a list of fun activities to help your child master these important words that will help them become fluent beginning readers.