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First Grade

Eny Gomez

Kimberly Staba

Alessandra Tessier

Three Key Learnings of Math

Students will develop their understanding of addition and subtraction. They will develop strategies for addition and subtraction within 20. Basic math facts will be practiced.
Students will develop their understanding of place value, focusing on tens and ones.
Students will develop their understanding on identifying, composing and partitioning shapes.

Please visit the Vernon Public Schools website for additional math resources.

Three Key Learnings of English Language Arts

Students will learn and apply decoding strategies to solve unknown words. For example, stretchy snake, chunky monkey, lips the fish and skippy frog.
Students will learn about the components of a story and publish a personal narrative piece, an informational piece and an opinion piece.
This year we are using two different programs Fundations and Fundamentals to support phonics and grammar skills.