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Fifth Grade

Alicia McEvila


Anthony Messina

Welcome to Fifth Grade at Maple Street School. Our goal is to have our students end their elementary career here with fond memories and empowered minds. As role models of the school our fifth graders will have many wonderful opportunities to demonstrate their leadership abilities. Safety Patrol and the Welcoming Committee are just a few of the leadership opportunities our students will have. We welcome all families to partner with us as we embark on the final leg of our students’ elementary academic journey.

Three Key Areas in Math:

  • Students will develop an understanding of the place value system as it relates to fractions, decimals and exponents.
  • Students will convert like measurement units within the metric system and use those conversions to help solve multi-step, real world problems.
  • Students will graph points on a coordinate plane to solve real world and mathematical problems.

Three Key Areas in Reading:

  • Students will quote accurately and directly from text to support their inferences in both literature and informational text.
  • Students will determine central ideas and themes within texts.
  • Students will read literary and nonfiction texts ranging in complexity becoming resilient and independent readers.

Below are some links to support you and your child with various developmental areas including Reading and Math:

Parent Tool Kit


Fun Brain

We will also be piloting two new programs to support our student’s learning in spelling and grammar. Words Their Way is a comprehensive word study program that will differentiate instruction to meet students need in the area of phonics, spelling and vocabulary. Fundamentals is a program that will be used in conjunction with the Lucy Calkins writer’s workshop model to support grammar skills in writing.