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Mark Your Calendars:

Jan. 10- Grade 5 Leadership Conference

Jan. 17- Grade 5 VCMS visit

Jan. 20- No School Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Jan. 24- Grade 5 Children’s Museum Field Trip

Jan. 28- Math/Literacy Night 5:30-7:00

Jan. 30- Math/Literacy Night 5:30-7:00

Jan. 31 Student of the Month


January Family Fun List

·         Build a snowman

·         Make a bird feeder

·         Try a new hot chocolate

·         Have a snowball fight

·         Make snow angels

·         Go sledding

·         Celebrate MLK Day at the library

·         Have a PJ Day

·         Build a blanket fort

·         Play a board game


It’s Cold Season

Here are some tips for how to teach kids how not to spread germs.                                           By Dollie Freeman

1.     Wash your hands OFTEN with warm water and soap. Before you eat or touch food that others will be eating as well. Especially after using the bathroom. When in public, avoid touching things that many people touch, especially if children are touching them before your kids.

2.     Keep your hands OUT OF YOUR MOUTH. This is a hard one to teach, but so important.

3.     Cough and sneeze into the bend of your arm. We tend to use our hands to cover our mouth, but the best way to do it is into the bend, because most people will never touch us there, and we don't use that area of our arm to touch other things. This alone will help minimize the spreading of germs.

4.     Don't share drinks. Sharing drinks is one of the fastest ways of having germs spread.

5.     Sterilize tooth brushes often. Buying tooth brushes isn't always in the budget, but it is very easy to sterilize tooth brushes when germs are in the house, and especially after a child has been showing signs of becoming sick. All you do is bring a pot of water to boil, and drop the tooth brush in the water for 30-60 minutes. Remove the brush and let cool before using.


Attendance Matters

Each month Maple Street School has an attendance goal to have 96% of the students present daily. This is our average daily attendance rates for the months that we have been in school.












As you can see we started off the year strong but over the past two months we have dipped.  Please help us get back on track.


• Set a regular bed time and morning routine.

• Lay out clothes and pack backpacks the night before. Check backpack daily for important notices from the school.

• Don’t let your child stay home unless she is truly sick. Keep in mind complaints of a stomach ache or headache can be a sign of anxiety and not a reason to stay home.

• If your child seems anxious about going to school, talk to teachers, school counselors, or other parents for advice on how to make her feel comfortable and excited about learning.

• Develop back-up plans for getting to school if something comes up. Call on a family member, a neighbor, or another parent.

• Avoid medical appointments and extended trips when school is not in session

·   Send your child to school on late arrival and early dismissal days.



Send Me To School If

Keep Me Home If

I have a runny nose or a little cough

I have a temperature.

I haven’t taken any fever reducing medicine for 24 hr. and I haven’t had a fever during that time.

I’m throwing up or have diarrhea

I haven’t thrown up or had diarrhea for 24 hr.

My eyes are pink and crusty (reach out to Dr.)


**If ever you have a medical concern about your child always reach out to your pediatrician.


For more information on school attendance please see attendanceworks.org