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Library Media Center

The Lake Street Library Media Center is open to students in kindergarten through grade five. Each class is scheduled to visit the library on a weekly basis. In addition, teachers may sign-up classes to use the computer lab, located in the library media center, as the schedule allows.

LIBRARY PROCEDURES walk into the library quietly when entering go directly to your seating area bring library books you would like to renew wait patiently for directions

CHECK-IN All classrooms are expected to return books on the morning of their library visit. Re newels may be brought by individual students during library time.

CHECK-OUT Kindergarten and 1st grade students may check out one book each week. Grades 2-5 may check out two books each week. Grades 3-5 may check out a third book when working on a special school project. Students may recheck a book (renew) if the book has not been reserved for another student or teacher. Students owing books/magazines may not check out new materials until the overdue ones are returned.

Browse our library's offerings using Destiny.