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Third Grade

Welcome to 3rd grade at Lake Street School! We look forward to our year together filled with exploration and discovery through learning. Students will increase their independence as learners and collaboration with peers.

We continue to teach through a Reading and Writing Workshop model. We will learn by using a multitude of fictional and non-fictional books and units of study including; Building a Reading Life, Identifying Main Idea, Mysteries, Biographies, Character Studies, and Research! 3rd grade authors will write personal narratives, informational books, opinion pieces and poetry.

Third grade implements a Math Workshop model. Math focuses on strengthening students' problem solving strategies, accountable math talk, critical thinking and explanation. Students will continue to utilize addition and subtraction within 1,000. In 3rd Grade, mathematicians will be introduced to new topics including; multiplication, division, area, perimeter, and fractions. Students will solve word problems and explain their strategies and thinking using math vocabulary and modeling.

Science and Social Studies are integrated during the school year to cover topics such as Our Town of Vernon, Influential People (Biographies), Forces of Motion and Extreme Weather. Third Graders can look forward to our annual Wax Museum Biography project!