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The Reading Department

Greetings LSS Families and Friends! I’d like to take this time to introduce myself. My name is Amy Hardell (formerly Amy Gallo), and I will be the new reading teacher at Lake Street School. I have a Master’s Degree from CCSU in Corrective and Remedial Reading, and for the past year, I’ve been working as a 5th grade teacher in room 17. Before that, I taught Reading Intervention at VCMS. Although I will surely miss my fifth graders, I am excited to begin my new role as the Reading Teacher so that I may share my love of reading with the rest of Lake Street School.

Mrs. Amy Hardell

The Math Department

Welcome to LSS Math! I very excited to bring math intervention to Lake Street School. My role is to support our students’ academic success by working collaboratively with teachers to implement a quality mathematics program based on the common core standards and differentiated for student needs. As our math interventionist, I am responsible for helping to identify students in need of math remediation, providing individualized intervention using hands on, manipulative based instruction, and monitoring and assessing student progress. I aim to support all students in a variety of ways to form a solid foundation of mathematics skills and concepts. In addition, I hope to be a valuable resource for expanding both teacher and parent understanding of current mathematics research and knowledge. Above all, fostering a love for learning along the way.

Mrs. Kelly Browne