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West Main Learning Center

Who: High School students who have been expelled from school* *The rare exception would be to have students who are missing credits just shy of graduation requirements and need a little extra time to recover credits necessary for a high school diploma

What: The West Main Learning Center students will engage in blended learning experiences through utilization of the Edgenuity Educational Software, in conjunction with tutoring guidance. Students will continue to be held accountable for district requirements including graduation requirements such as SBAC/SAT testing, just in a smaller test setting. Students will be expected to advance within the curriculum utilizing the Edgenuity educational software. Each Edgenuity online course incorporates foundational and higher levels of learning within the rigor and relevance dimensions of Rockville High School’s curriculum. Edgenuity Credit Recovery Solutions allow students to complete course requirements more rapidly, recover credits, regain self-confidence, and return to Rockville High School after expulsion prepared to continue their path to graduation.

When: 9 - 2 pm Monday - Friday

Staff: 1 teacher

West Main Learning Center

33 West Main Street

Rockville, CT 06066


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Placement Procedures:

  1. Once the school administration has initiated the expulsion process, the student’s information will be communicated to the Secondary Special Education Supervisor.
  2. After the expulsion hearing and determination is made to expel the student from school, the Secondary Special Education Supervisor will inform the tutors that this student requires educational services/tutoring at WMLC and the anticipated start date.
  3. Special Education Supervisor will contact school counselor to obtain present levels of achievement, grades, etc in order to determine what the students will be working on at WMLC.
  4. Secondary Special Education Supervisor will meet regularly with tutoring staff to get educational updates, grades, etc and provide to appropriate school staff.