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TALC is a small, structured, self-contained environment that services students from grade 9-12 housed in Rockville High School. This is a restrictive setting for special education students who exhibit significant social/emotional/behavioral challenges which have severely impacted their academic performance. The TALC program provides a high level of structure and support to receive educational benefits.The program also services students returning to district from an outplacement setting as a transition to learn social and academic rules of the Vernon Public Schools.

The staff consists of three certified special education teachers, a full time social worker and three paraprofessionals. The academic program provides a traditional high school curriculum with small group and individualized instruction. The educational day is divided into six 40 minute learning periods. Opportunity for computer based learning as well as vocational placements are available. Group and individual counseling are provided for all students. In addition, crisis intervention, home visits, collaboration with community support services staff and intensive communication with families and guardians is an integral part of the program.

The goal of the TALC program is to teach students essential academic, behavioral and emotional skills so that they can transition to RHS, when appropriate. Students typically begin fully self-contained in the program. Once they are meeting their goals in this setting, they slowly transition to high interest classes in the general education setting at RHS.