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Gifted and Talented

Experience Novel Dynamic Enrichment (to) Achieve Vibrant (and) Outstanding Realizations

Our Mission Statement
Vernon Public Schools recognize that students who possess exceptional talents should be granted the direction,
time, encouragement, and resources to maximize their potential.

Mrs. Regina Lee

Current Position: Gifted and Talented Teacher/ Middle School

BA in American Studies from Trinity College

MA in Education, Reading and Language Arts, from St. Joseph College

6th Year Degree Program at UCONN, Center for Gifted and Talented Development.

Ms. Samantha Randazzo

Current Position: Gifted and Talented Teacher/ Elementary School


Policy and Procedure:

Connecticut Department of Education G&T Page

Identification Procedures - Please note that Vernon's Identification procedures are currently being updated to include the CogAT universal screening test as a replacement for the OLSAT, as well as an updated Creativity screener and teacher rating scale. The revised documents will be available shortly.