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Teacher of the Year

Diane at the smartboard
Diane Vernon Teacher of the Year


Teacher of the Year Award—Diane Lux

Mrs. Diane Lux is the K-3 Special Education Teacher at Northeast Elementary. In addition, she is also a coach for the Grade 4-5 Lego Team!

In her speech to the staff, she highlighted three items to reflect on as the new school year begins:

1. A lot of students today are glued to technology, and because of that many are lacking in social skills.  Some of them rarely leave their houses to play outside.  I enjoy sharing tidbits of my life with my students, especially if it gives them a chance to understand how I handle frustrations, show experiences I’ve had that they may be interested in, or share a laugh.

2. Reflect on where others are coming from and react with kindness. 

3. Keep learning along with your students.  Learn from mistakes, learn from those who have been in their career many years, and learn from those that are young enough to be your children.