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Profiles in Professionalism

Kyle McNamar,  Grade 4 Teacher, Center Road Elementary -- Nominated by Carrie MacDonald, Lynda Hayward, Jay Brunt, Cindy Holcomb
“Kyle wants what is best for his students academically and as people.  Mr. Mac as he is known, is able to make every student he comes in contact with feel that they matter and that they can be successful regardless of their natural skill set or classroom aptitude.”

Elisha Cohen, Speech and Language Teacher, Vernon Center Middle School -- Nominated by Melanie Cockerham, Jeanene MacDonald, Alyssa Mullins
“Elisha is committed to servicing each student to the best of her ability.  She puts her heart and enthusiastic energy into her therapy sessions, creating a safe and enjoyable experience for her students.”

Robert Lovett, School Climate Specialist, Northeast Elementary School -- Nominated by Brenda Greene, Amy Violette, Kristin Tingey, Jevan Whitaker
“Mr. Lovett has made so many positive connections with the students in our school.  You can always find Mr. Lovett checking in on students to see how their day is going, giving them a high five or offering students encouraging words to make it through the day.  He truly cares about the students in our school and the students look up to him.”

Melony Anderson, Custodian, District Floater -- Nominated by Shari Beaupre, Jeff Kozlowski, Rachel Linkkila, Michael Konicki
“Mel has always been extremely professional and demonstrates great initiative with a positive, cheerful attitude and NEVER complains.”