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Vision of the Graduate

Vernon Public Schools - Vision of the Graduate
September 2021

Vision Statement
The Vision of the Vernon Public Schools is that every graduate is a
Critical Thinker, Collaborator, Communicator, Resilient Individual, and Responsible Citizen.

Knowledge, Skill or Disposition  Definition or Explanation 
Critical Thinker
  • Works through difficult challenges with analytic reasoning 
  • Solves novel and complex problems with innovative and creative thinking
  • Functions as a problem solver by identifying and using appropriate resources, tools and technology to approach and solve challenges
  • Critically evaluates ideas and evidence by asking relevant questions, analyzing multiple sources of information, identifying and considering the reliability of sources, deliberately questioning competing information, and drawing conclusions
  • Demonstrates openness to different viewpoints while demonstrating respect for others’ assets and contributions
  • Effectively works with, and within, diverse groups to plan, strategize, make decisions, and successfully execute tasks
  • Seeks and utilizes feedback from others in solving tasks
  • Actively listens to understand the perspectives of others
  • Communicates thoughts and opinions clearly and respectfully
  • Utilizes multiple communication mediums to express viewpoints effectively to a wide range of audiences for a variety of contexts
  • Uses technological skills and social media appropriately to meet goals
Resilient Individual
  • Perseveres through challenges and setbacks while embracing failure as an opportunity for growth
  • Demonstrates flexibility by adapting approaches to the given situation and context taking appropriate risks as necessary
  • Demonstrates stamina in multiple contexts and persists in completing tasks
  • Possesses self-confidence and independence
Responsible Citizen
  • Recognizes the experiences and needs of others, demonstrating empathy, compassion and respect for all
  • Communicates and acts with ethics and values
  • Positively contributes to the quality of classroom, school, community and the  environment
  • Possesses and acts with self-awareness


Mission Statement
The Vernon Public Schools, in partnership with family and community, is committed to provide a quality education, with high expectations, in a safe environment where all students become independent learners and productive contributors to society.