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Student Responsibilities:

While waiting for school bus transportation to school, pupils should:

  • be at the designated bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled time;
  • wait until the bus comes to a full stop and the driver indicates it is safe to board before trying to get on the bus

When leaving school, pupils should:

  • follow directions of the teacher or the Safety Patrol;
  • obey the directions of the bus driver;

While riding in the bus, pupils should:

  • remain in their seats while the bus is in motion;
  • not jeopardize the safety of others, observing the usual rules of good conduct;
  • converse quietly, not shouting at other pupils or the driver;
  • not throw objects about in the bus;
  • not destroy or deface seats in the bus;
  • secure permission of driver before opening windows of the bus;
  • be respectful in language use.
  • recognize that eating, drinking, smoking or the use/possession of controlled substances is not permitted on the bus.

Transportation Requests: All requests for changes to student transportation must be done using the email at: schooltransportation@vernon-ct.gov

Bus Routes: Vernon Public Schools will provide student transportation for all students who qualify for such services under Board of Education policy. During late August, September and October we receive a large volume of calls each day. We ask for your cooperation and patience during this busy time of year. It is most helpful when you leave a message to provide your child’s name, the school, contact number and your concern. Please allow at least two days for a return call during this period of time. E-mail is the most efficient and preferred method of communication. You may e-mail the transportation office at schooltransportation@vernon-ct.gov

Each year we modify existing routes according to student population along with safety for riders/walkers. We do not consider changes to existing stops until all eligible students are provided with transportation.

We do not provide a public listing of Special Education Routes, or Preschool Routes. Please contact your child’s school directly for specific stop information.

Walking Distances: Below are the maximum walking distances expected for students at each level. In general, students will be eligible for student transportation if one or more of the following criteria is met:

  1. Elementary Schools students (K-5) walk up to one half mile
  2. Middle School Students (6-8) walk up to one mile
  3. High School students walk up to one mile
  4. Special Education and students with specific medical needs who qualify for bus transportation as determined by the PPT or 504 Committee


Bus Stops: Bus stops are established to serve neighborhoods or groups of students within a geographical area and in accordance with Board of Education policy. House stops are only utilized if an identifiable safety hazard as defined by Board of Education policy exists.

Sidewalks: The lack of sidewalks on a street within the walking distance to a school area does not automatically qualify a student for school bus transportation. Please refer to Board of Education policy for information pertaining to streets without sidewalks.


The Board Policy does provide child care transportation in certain circumstances.

  1. Students must be residents of Vernon.
  2. Child care location (authorized) must be within the student’s school boundary, outside of the established walking distance for the school, and at least a half mile from the students home address
  3. A Parent/Guardian must email schooltransportation@vernon-ct.gov by July 1st of each school year. Requests made after July 1st will only be approved if space permits.
  4. Day care transportation must be the same every day of the week.

All of our buses have video recording devices. School administration will verify claims of behavior problems by viewing these videos. Due to confidentiality rules, parents may not view videos that have other students who are visible.