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Staff Vaccination Information

Dear VPS Employees,

The following procedures have been put into place effective Sunday, September 26, 2021 for employees who are required to submit to weekly testing under the Governor’s Executive Order.

The Vernon Board of Education is working with Priority Urgent Care to serve as a central collection point for the weekly test results.  Priority Urgent Care has a secure portal to upload results electronically every week.   The attached instructions describe how to upload your weekly test results.

Employees can receive a PCR or antigen test at a provider of their choosing.  Home tests that are self-interpreted are not acceptable.  The Town of Vernon and Vernon Board of Education have partnered with Sema4 labs to offer weekly testing options in Vernon with no out-of-pocket cost.   Employees are responsible for retrieving their own test results and submitting them weekly to Priority Urgent Care following the attached procedure.

All employees who have elected weekly testing must submit to a test once every 7 days.  The test results must be uploaded within 72 hours of the test, pursuant to the executive order.

Thank you for your time and cooperation.  Anyone with questions can contact vpsvax@vernon-ct.gov