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All-Here VCMS

Hi parents and guardians,

We are excited to share that VCMS is rolling out a grant from AllHere that will be school-wide! If you're not already familiar with AllHere, It's a tool that makes it easy to support your child’s attendance. You know how Siri and Alexa can answer lots of your questions? That’s basically how AllHere works — except AllHere only answers questions about VCMS and attendance, not the current weather or nearest coffee shop. And AllHere doesn’t speak, only texts.

As part of this rollout, official accounts have been created for our attendance team and you our parents and guardians at VCMS. On Thursday 1-28-21, you'll receive an introduction text message from AllHere introduced as “SOAR”y the bot, which stands for VCMS Core Values and Beliefs which are,  Safety, Organization, Achievement and Respect and Responsibility. You have the opportunity to opt out at any time but hope you will utilize the bot to receive quick answers to your school questions until the end of this school year.

We're excited to make connecting with our families about attendance more engaging!


David Caruso
VCMS Principal