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Technology Request

Trouble Tickets

The above link is for entering IT tickets to repair existing equipment.  (Link only works when at school.)

Help Desk Portal Instructions (pdf)

If there is an urgent issue with the network down or you are locked out of your computer, please call ext. 4026 or if off-site and you need assistance call 860-870-3646.

The following links are for requests for hardware and new software. Items that are needed for identified students should be processed through Lisa Soule.

 Hardware Request Form

New Software Application Request Form

Are you looking to use a new program with your students? Please visit the Student Data Privacy page first to check if it is on the approved list and access the Protocol for Completing a New Software Request. 


iPad Repair Process:

1. Put in ticket for broken iPad with IT.
2. IT checks the serial number for warranty coverage here: https://checkcoverage.apple.com/.
3. IT takes the damaged iPad to the Apple Store.  Apple Store generates a Work Order.
4. eMail WO to Marisol Rojas-Leon, copy Karen Lipski – funds procured from individual schools/department.
5. Purchase Order sent to IT and Apple Store Evergreen Walk (allowing the store a 24hr approval window).
6. IT makes appointment at Apple Store, brings the defective iPad to the Apple Store and swaps the iPad out for the replacement iPad.
7. IT configures the iPad, reassign apps and delivers the iPad. 

Before requesting permission to use a program with your class, please review the list of programs in use in our District and the Vernon Web Applications Guidelines.

To learn more about the Student Data Privacy Law in Connecticut and Technology Policies in our District, please visit the Student Data Privacy webpage.