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Student Data Privacy

One of the District's goals is to increase the achievement of every student through high quality curriculum, instructions and assessment. Along the way, our students and teachers make use of various technology tools and online resources. We strive to provide the highest quality educational experience while ensuring student data is protected and students are safe online.

Protocol for Completing New Software Application Request
 (This link is only accessible by staff logged into their Google Drive accounts.)

View a list of programs being used by the District and schools.

Teachers - If there is a program that is not listed, please contact your school's web-tech contact to have the program reviewed for compliance.

For details on:

Policy on Electronic Email Board Policy 4118.4/4218.4

Policy on Student Record Confidentiality Board Policy 5125

Policy regarding Directory Information Board Policy 5145.15

For additional information about FERPA and CT Public Act 16-189 - Student Data Privacy Law, please visit the CT Student Data Privacy website