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Middle and High School Acceptable Use

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Acceptable Use and Technology Compliance Agreement (6-12)


Vernon Public Schools recognizes that access to technology in school gives students greater opportunities to learn, collaborate, communicate, and develop skills that will prepare them for work, life, and citizenship. We are committed to helping students develop 21st century technology and communication skills. In order to achieve this goal, all students must obtain parental permission as verified by the signatures on this form in order to gain access to the Internet.

This document outlines the guidelines and behaviors that users are expected to follow when using school technologies or when using personally-owned devices as detailed in Vernon Board of Education Policies 5131.81, 5131.82, 6141.3, 6141.326, & 6141.328.

● The Vernon Public Schools network is intended for educational purposes.

● Students are expected to demonstrate care and responsibility when using district technology.

● All activity over the network or using district technologies may be monitored and retained.

● Access to online content via the network may be restricted in accordance with our policies and federal regulations, such as the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

● Misuse of school resources can result in disciplinary action.

● Vernon Public Schools makes a reasonable effort to ensure students’ safety and security online, but will not be held accountable for any harm or damages that result from use of school technologies.

● Users of the district network or other technologies are expected to alert staff immediately of any concerns for safety or security.

Technologies Covered

Vernon Public Schools provides access to the Internet, computers, online collaboration tools, Google Drive, and more. Vernon Public Schools will attempt to provide access to new technologies as they emerge. These outlined policies cover all available technologies, not just those specifically listed.

Web Access, Filtering, and Online Collaboration

Vernon Public Schools provides its users with access to the Internet; however access will be restricted in compliance with CIPA regulations and school policies. Web browsing may be monitored and web activity records may be retained indefinitely. Users are expected to respect the web filter and not try to circumvent it when browsing. If a site is blocked and a user believes it shouldn’t be, the user should follow district protocol to alert an IT staff member or submit the site for review. Recognizing the benefits collaboration brings to education, Vernon Public Schools may provide users with access to web sites or tools that allow collaboration, and messaging among users. Posts, chats, and sharing may be monitored. Users should not share personally-identifying information online or include it in Google Drive files.


Vernon Public Schools may provide email accounts for the purpose of school-related communication. Please remember that all email is part of public record and may be monitored. Users should not send personal information; should not attempt to open files or follow links from unknown or untrusted origin; should use appropriate language and courteous conduct; and should only communicate with other people as allowed by the district. Users are responsible for all activity under their account. Email usage may be monitored and archived.


Users should not plagiarize, using content as their own without citing the original creator, including words, images, audio or video from the Internet. Users should not take credit for things they didn’t create themselves, or misrepresent themselves as an author or creator of something found online. Research conducted via the Internet should be appropriately cited, giving credit to the original author. Users should not trespass in another’s folders, work, or files found online or through any other storage method.

Personal Safety

Users should never share personal information, including phone number, address, social security number, birthday, or financial information, over the Internet without adult permission. Users should never agree to meet someone they meet online in real life without parental permission. If you see a message, comment, image, or anything else online that makes you concerned for your personal safety, bring it to the attention of an adult, either parent or teacher, immediately.


Users must comply with Connecticut Law regarding cyber bullying. Connecticut law defines cyberbullying as “any act of bullying through the use of the Internet, interactive and digital technologies, cellular mobile telephones or other mobile electronic devices or any electronic communications.” (Con.GenStat.Ann.§10-222d.) Engaging in these behaviors or any online activities intended to physically or emotionally harm another person will result in severe disciplinary action and loss of privileges. In some cases, cyberbullying can be a crime. Remember that your activities are monitored and retained.

Violations of the Acceptable Use and Technology Compliance Agreement (6-12) may have disciplinary repercussions, including:

  • Suspension of network, technology, or computer privileges
  • Notification to parents
  • Detention or suspension from school and school-related activities
  • Legal action and/or prosecution
  • Damage and replacement fees
  • Student Agreement

    When using the local area network, any VPS computer, or the Internet, all digital and analog communication conduits, digital cameras and imaging equipment, and software, each student agrees to comply with the following:

    1. Do not use a computer or other technology to harm others or their work.

    2. Do not damage the computer, technologic equipment or the network in any way.

    3. Do not interfere with the operation of the network by installing illegal software, shareware, or freeware.

    4. Do not violate copyright laws.

    5. Do not view, send, or display offensive, obscene, threatening messages, or pictures.

    6. Do not share your student account and/or password with another person.

    7. Do not plagiarize or trespass in another’s folders, work, or files on the network or other storage.

    8. Notify an adult immediately if, by accident, you encounter materials which violate the rules of appropriate use.

    9. BE PREPARED to be held accountable for your actions and for the loss of privileges if the Acceptable Use and Technology Compliance Agreement (6-12) is violated.


    I have read and understood this agreement and will abide by its guidelines:


    (Student Printed Name)


    (Student Signature) (Date)


    I have read the Acceptable Use and Technology Compliance Agreement (6-12) with my child, and I give my child permission to use the Internet and school technology while they attend the Vernon Public Schools. I understand the Internet and all school technology are to be used for educational purposes only. I recognize it is impossible for Vernon Public Schools to restrict access to all controversial materials and acknowledge the ultimate responsibility rests with the user. I will not hold Vernon Public Schools or its employees responsible for material acquired on the network.


    (Parent/Guardian Printed Name)


    (Parent/Guardian Signature) (Date)