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Student Teaching and Intern Placement Information


Student Teacher & Intern placements for Vernon Public Schools are coordinated through the Human Resources Department.

Universities and Colleges should email placement requests to the address below:


Emailed requests must include the items below for each eligible student teacher/intern needing a placement.

  • Requirements For ALL Placements

*Application for Student Teaching 
*Unofficial transcripts
*Current Resume
*Placement information
*Requirements of Placement
*Duration of Placement
*Expectations of the Cooperating Teacher and District
*Information regarding special placements (i.e. edTPA)

  • Additional Requirements for Student Teacher

*DCF Release

*FBI Privacy Act Statement and NCJ Privacy Rights


All requirements MUST be met before Student Teaching assignment or Internship can begin.

When all required documents are received, Human Resources will coordinate with qualified Vernon Public Schools Teachers and notify the University/College when a placement is found.   

Once Student Teachers/Interns are notified by their University/College that a placement has been identified, they should contact the Vernon Public Schools teacher for an interview.