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Student Teaching and Intern Placement Information

COVID vaccinations are required for in person placements.

Student Teacher and Intern placements are coordinated district-wide through the Human Resources Department. Universities and Colleges should contact Cindy Schnell directly with requests.

A packet of information should be sent with each placement request on the eligible student teacher/intern. This packet should contain the following:

*Application for Student Teaching 
*Unofficial transcripts
*Current Resume
*Placement information
*Requirements of Placement
*Duration of Placement
*Expectations of the Cooperating Teacher and District
*Information regarding special placements (i.e. edTPA)

Once the packet of information is received, Human Resources will reach out to qualified Cooperating Teachers. Once a placement is found, the University/College will be notified. All student teachers should contact the Cooperating Teacher for an interview.

All student teachers must complete the requirements listed below. No placement shall begin if the proper paperwork and requirements are not completed and met.

*Personal Contact Sheet/Release
*DCF Release

*FBI Privacy Act Statement and NCJ Privacy Rights


*Fingerprinting Release

Please note that there have been changes to State/Federal law regarding fingerprinting. Please see below changes and the new fingerprinting procedure.

*RESC (EastConn/ACES/LEARN/CREC) cannot maintain national criminal history record information (CHRI) on file for the purposes of re-disseminating (resending) the CHRI to other schools. Once the original requesting school(s) receives the CHRI, then the RESC cannot re-disseminate the CHRI again, even at the applicant's request."


Student teachers may obtain their fingerprints from any police station, barracks or the Department of Public Safety.  After you have been fingerprinted, bring the completed card to the Human Resources office located at 30 Park Street Vernon for processing.  Please submit a check (personal or money order) made payable to Treasurer, State of Connecticut in the amount $11.25.

Complete NCPA Waiver and provide to HR with your fingerprints.