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Hand Sanitizer Proper Use and Warnings

Hand Sanitizer






The goal of the Vernon Public Schools Health Program is to assist each student to attain and maintain his/her optimum state of health so that he/she may benefit to the maximum degree from his/her educational experience.

The school nurse strengthens and facilitates the educational process by modifying or removing health barriers to learning in individual student and by promoting an optimal level of wellness for students and staff.

The nurse assumes the responsibility for appropriate assessment, planning and intervention. She also serves as a direct contact between physicians, families and community agencies in order to assure access to health care and continuity for students. The nurse provides relevant instruction, counseling and guidance to students, staff and parents.

The nurse adheres to district policies and administrative guidelines. The school nurse upholds professional standards as outlined in the State Nurse Practice Act, and other state and local statutes and regulations.

The School Medical Advisor is a certified physician (M.D.). In this role, the physician, through collaboration with the School Nurse Supervisor, School Administrators and the Board of Education, when needed, provides direction and guidance to the continuing development of the school health program. The physician acts as a resource person and technical advisor in health related areas.




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