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Farm to School

Farm to school (F2S) enriches the connection communities have with fresh, healthy food & local food producers by changing food purchasing & education practices at schools. F2S empowers children & their families to make informed food choices while strengthening the local economy & contributing to vibrant communities.

Vernon Public School Values:
In our district, we support Farm to School initiatives to empower students to develop healthy eating habits & become stewards of their community, environment, & local economy. We seek to build relationships between the school cafeteria and the community by serving local, regional & farm fresh products.

Meet the Farm to School Coordinator: Kaylee Carlisle

Kaylee graduated from UConn with a bachelor's degree in Resource Economics. She has a background in small- scale agriculture.

Kaylee’s main focus will be bringing farm fresh produce to the cafeterias & empowering students to develop healthy eating habits. She will be working in the cafeterias and classrooms to inform students about farm to school.

Vernon's Farm to School Goals

Goal 1: Empower students and staff to cultivate healthy eating habits by integrating locally-sourced foods and recipes into both classroom education and the school meal program.

Goal 2: Develop & foster a F2S Team with the intent to create & execute a yearly action plan for schools that strengthen Vernon’s capacity to impact classrooms, cafeterias, & communities with change that lasts.

Goal 3: Engage schools and the community through consistent communication & outreach efforts with the intent to increase student participation and parent awareness.

kaylee carlisle1

F2S Coordinator Kaylee Carlisle