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COVID19 Cafeteria

Food and COVID

What you need to know

Information below is directly from the CDC website

  • The risk of getting sick with COVID-19 from eating or handling food (including frozen food and produce) and food packages is considered very low.
  • The risk of getting COVID-19 from food you cook yourself or from handling and consuming food from restaurants and takeout or drive-thru meals is thought to be very low. Currently, there is no evidence that food is associated with spreading the virus that causes COVID-19.
  • The risk of infection by the virus from food products, food packaging, or bags is thought to be very low. Currently, no cases of COVID-19 have been identified where infection was thought to have occurred by touching food, food packaging, or shopping bags.
  • Although some people who work in food production and processing facilities have gotten COVID-19, there is no evidence of the virus spreading to consumers through the food or packaging that workers in these facilities may have handled.

What we are doing in the cafeteria

All cafeteria managers are ServSafe certified and are committed to serving safe food every day. Cafeteria staff are required to wear face masks, gloves, and clean aprons during their shift in the cafeteria. Cashiers are required to wear face shields in addition to masks. Please see below for more info.

If you have concerns related to the safety of school meals, please do not hesitate to call us at 860-896-4682. We are committed to keeping your children safe. 

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