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Charter, Magnet and Technical School Registration

Families are required to register their children with the public school system in the town they reside. Students who reside in the town of Vernon and are attending Magnet schools are required to provide basic registration documents for Vernon Central Registration. To register your child, please bring the following documents to Central Registration:

  • The child’s long form birth certificate
  • Photo ID of Parent or Guardian
  • And 2 forms of residency verification (see list of acceptable forms below)

LEGAL or TEMPORARY GUARDIANS must provide valid official court or state documents of guardianship. Letters indicating pending court hearing dates will not be accepted. (Temporary guardianship forms are only valid for one year and must be renewed yearly and submitted to Central Registration)



(Items must be less than 30 days old and contain name and address. Shut off notices not accepted.)

•Homeowner’s insurance policy or

•Valid current rental/lease agreement, with landlord’s name and contact information, signed by both parties.

•Current electric or natural gas utility bill

•Valid car registration or car insurance policy with address

•Water/sewage utility bill

•Landline phone bill

•Cable or satellite bill

•Pay stub verifying address

•Heating oil delivery receipt

•Bank statement

•W-2 form

•Letter from state/government agency (HUD, DSS, DCF, etc.)


*Please note: If you have not received a utility bill yet, you may call CNG at 860-727-3034 or Eversource at 1-800-286-2000 and have them fax a Service Verification Form to Central Registration at Fax 860-870-6721.