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Charter, Magnet and Technical School Registration

Families are required to register their children with the public school system in the town they reside. Students who reside in the town of Vernon and are attending Magnet schools are required to provide basic registration documents for Vernon Central Registration. To register your child, please go to the link below and select the New Student Registration button. 


Required documents that must be attached:

1.    Student’s Long form birth certificate

2.  Guardian photo ID – Passport or driver’s license can be used

3.  Two proofs of residency dated within the last 30 days with parent/guardian's name and address on it. Paper documents must be removed from their envelopes and photos/screenshots need to show the date as well. Acceptable proofs are:

           A.    Deed, mortgage, or rental agreement pages with name and address on it along with tenant’s and landlord’s signature

           B.    One of the following:

                   *Current utility bill (water, light, gas or cable) or home telephone bill
                   *Automobile insurance
                   *Current paycheck stub
                   *Homeowner's property tax statement
                   *Homeowner's or Renter's insurance policy (policy must be current and in effect)

LEGAL or TEMPORARY GUARDIANS must provide valid official court or state documents of guardianship. Letters indicating pending court hearing dates will not be accepted. (Temporary guardianship forms are only valid for one year and must be renewed yearly and submitted to Central Registration)