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Vernon Teacher of the Year

2019 Teacher of the Year

Diane Vernon Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Diane Lux
Special Education Teacher
Northeast Elementary


2018 Teacher of the Year

Teacher of the year with students from class

Mrs. Joann Stavens
Physical Education Teacher
Vernon Center Middle School

Nomination form for Vernon's 2020 Teacher of the Year

Nominations will be accepted until March 1, 2020.


Who can be nominated?

A certified, dedicated teacher professional who:

- works with students at least 50% of the time

- has the ability to inspire all students to learn

- is respected by colleagues and administrators

- is admired by students and parents

I have been nominated! What is next?

Jason Magao, Director of Teaching and Learning, will personally meet with all nominees to verify their commitment to continue with the process.

picture of Vernon's Central Office