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Family/Guardian Survey Responses

Thank you for your questions and messages of gratitude! We will update this page as you continue to complete the

Vernon Family/Guardian Questions Form


Questions Answers
Can parents get an email regarding assignments in Google Classroom? Yes, many teachers have invited parents to their "class" and are receiving emails. We have been working on a few technical issues with some classes. Please feel free to reach out to your child's teacher with any questions regarding access.
Will the calendars be updated? Yes, we are in the process of updating the calendars on our website to remove events that will not occur. Please visit the district Calendar page for a message from the March 23rd School Board Meeting.
If Seniors are unable to have Prom or Graduation on scheduled dates can they please be re scheduled at a later date? As we know more, we will be better able to address this question. On March 23rd, the School Board set graduation for June 16.
Concerns regarding too much online school work? Please be sure to reach out to your child's teacher.
Concerns about food or other needs for your family? Please visit the Family School Community Partnership page for information about resources available to your family.
Will the teachers provide feedback if they feel the kids are hurrying thru the assignments and not applying themselves? Yes, there will be feedback within Google Classroom and Seesaw. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to email the teacher.
With the governor extending social distancing to the 30th of April does that mean school will be out until then? Vernon Public Schools will follow the recommendations from the State regarding school closures.
Will any NEW material be taught during this time period? Yes, new learning is included as part of the VPS Distance Learning Plan. Our goal for week 1 is to engage all students in this new learning process. Moving forward, the roll out of new learning will be introduced at an appropriate pace with consideration given to the specific needs of grade levels and content areas. Teachers will collaborate to plan lessons in order to ensure consistency across grade levels and subject areas.
What is Vernon doing to support families and students to ensure their needs are met during this time? From the time school was closed, we have been supplying food to families for all children 18 and younger. Our Family School Community Partnership team has been supporting families in need by connecting them with resources that are need.
Will children be penalized for not doing the busywork? Our goal is to engage all students in the learning process. If students are not completing assignments, then teachers and staff members will work with families to support distance learning.
How will work be graded? At this time we have asked teachers to review student work, provide feedback, and grade assignments in accordance with course guidelines. We have been informed by the State Department of Education that additional guidance with regards to grading will be forthcoming.
I would like to know how long a student should expect to wait to hear back from a teacher that was emailed related to the current Google Classroom exercises? A response should be received within 24 hours at this point. 
How are you addressing the needs of students with IEP’s and 504’s? Parents of students who have IEP's and 504"s should reach out to their child's case manger to address questions and concerns they are having.
Will there still be a summer extended program this year?  At this time, we do not know about our summer program. Vernon Public Schools will assess this and follow guidelines from the State Department of Education when we get closer to the start of the program.
When will information be provided to parents about grading at the elementary level? The administrative team is currently discussing grading guidelines. We will be sharing information about grading within the next week.
What are the plans for RHS graduation? Will the yearbooks be sent out or are we doing a drive by?
Mr. Magao will be sharing information about graduation once we hear from the governor. We are planning to have the yearbooks shipped to everyone.
I’m concerned about the cow and other animals.

The cow has access to water and hay 24 hours a day. Cattle can be on pasture, but they also do great with the set up we have at RHS. The most important thing for ruminants is that they have access to a forage, which is the hay ( dried grass).  As Spring is just beginning we are planning on planting pasture ( grass).  We  are doing improvements to the facility which is another reason there is not established pastures (grass) at this time. Cows are herd animals but also can be kept as the heifer is being kept now. She can interact with the goats, alpacas and small equine through the fences.  The run in shed she is being housed in is cleaned on a bi-weekly basis. Cattle are creature of habit and routine, and if that is maintained they are content. 

All of the animals are doing great! The care of the livestock at RHS is maintained by the Animal Science Teacher and students of the program.  Please reach out to one of us with questions.

When are we going back to school? As explained in the email from the Superintendent on 4-15-2020 - "Schools are now closed until May 20, 2020, per the Governor’s latest Executive Order #7X. "

Messages of Gratitude

I was part of one parade which was pure happiness to see children from our school and people in Vernon pausing for a moment to wave and smile. I am so proud to be part of this school district. Distant learning, parades, food for all children, knowing all questions/concerns will be answered makes for a smile during this difficult time.
Thank you to all the teachers and support staff that have been there for our kids during this transition. It has been a somewhat rough but we are getting there. We just need to continue do our best and that is it. We are a team and we need to work like one especially during this time. Thank you to the administration for supporting our teachers and students as well. As a parent with kids in in elementary, middle and high school I am very proud! I could not ask for a better school system to be in! Thanks again!!!
Thank you to the wonderful staff organizing, working and helping the daily breakfast/lunch program. It has definitely helped my family during this time.
Thank you all for your dedication to all our children!
Considering how crazy this has all been for all of us, I am very proud of how hard the teachers have worked to get things going for our kiddos! We had a few issue with access but it was fixed in a very timely manner. Very proud of all of you! Keep up the great work that you have and continue to do for our students!!!
So proud of all the work that has been done by our kids teachers! This is new for all of and yet you all managed to stay calm and do what needed to be done. Can't express how proud of the teachers and students I am during this uncertain time.
Thank you to all the teachers, administrators and staff who are working very hard in this unique time. Let's all stay positive and look for the good in this and in each other.
No question. I just want to say what a great job the teachers have been doing. They are posting assignments and are in constant communication with my children. Every question I have asked them they have answered and in a quick manner.