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Covid-19 Case Contact Point Person

The school nurse at each school shall be designated as the COVID-19 Health and Safety Compliance Liaison. The designated person is responsible for engaging with students, parents, faculty, staff, and administrators to answer questions or concerns about health and safety requirements regarding COVID-19 concerns.

District               Peggy Stickel                        Peggy.Stickel@vernonct.org                     860-896-4668

Center Road      Michelle Pawlina                 Michelle.Pawlina@vernonct.org               860-870-6307

Lake Street        Amy Shannon                      Amy.Shannon@vernonct.org                   860-870-6088

Maple Street     Emily Perez                           Emily.Perez@vernonct.org                       860-870-6177

Northeast          Amanda Babcock                Amanda.Babcock@vernonct.org             860-870-6082

Skinner               Lindsay Arnold                     Lindsay.Arnold@vernonct.org                860-870-6185

VCMS                  Michelle Harlow                   Michelle.Harlow@vernonct.org              860-870-6077

RHS                    Patricia Albert                        Patricia.Albert@vernonct.org                 860-870-6050 x4035

The district will communicate all updated policies and protocols related to health and safety requirements to staff, students, and families on a regular basis. 

• Communication plans will be made available in relevant language of families in the Vernon community and will also be accessible to those with visual and/or hearing impairments. 


• The Vernon Public Schools Reopening Plan will be made accessible on the district main page and all school websites. 


• The school community will be notified of all changes in a timely manner. Information will be communicated through the VPS district website, Twitter, Facebook and/or Blackboard Connect. 


• The Vernon Public Schools will develop a survey in alignment with the Connecticut State Department of Education District Reopen Survey to gather information from families prior to reopening to properly plan for resuming classes in the fall.