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~A Message From The Library~

Center Road School Students LOVE to Read.

Over 800 books and magazines are checked out of our library every week during the weekly visits by each class. Our library offers a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books at many levels to appeal to every student at Center Road School, whether it is reading for enjoyment or to gain more knowledge of the real world.

All students may check out books for one week with the option of renewal during the next library class. Pre-K / first grade students may check out one book, grades two through five may check out two books/magazine each week. With teacher notification, students are permitted to check out a third book for special projects.

Students are expected to follow the 'Road Runner Riches' rules in the library. Everyone is to be respectful of others in the library and respectful of the materials, such as the books and magazines. Students are expected to be responsible with the materials checked out and take care of them. They are expected to be reliable and return the checked out items every week. Following these goals keeps our library running smoothly.

If a student 'forgets' to return the book on library day and it becomes overdue, another book may be checked out but held in the library until that overdue book is returned or the next library class, whichever comes first.

The Vernon School Policy states that if a book is lost or damaged, the student must pay to replace the book. If an accident happens, such as ripped or wet pages, report it as soon as possible to see if the book can be repaired or salvaged.

The library gives students an opportunity to challenge their minds or take a mental vacation into ideas and places not available to them in the real world.