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School Governance Council

The School Governance Council consists of parents, teachers, and community members who discuss matters of importance to CRS. The goal of this council is to provide an opportunity for stakeholders to collaborate on plans that will focus on student success. Together with the building administration, this council provides a broad base of input to improve school and student performance.

2017-18 School Governance Members

Parents: Year 2

Eli Ross

Hugh Bonnett

Mitch Mullins

Cindy Kristoff

Parents: Year 1

Noor Khan

Christina Brown

Greg Buonme

Community Member:

Eric Osterday (Year 1)


Brenna Dunnack (Year 1)

Amela Fejzic (Year 1)

Cindy Holcomb (Year 2)

Nick Willette (Year 2)

Kim Heimer (Year 2)


Jocelyn Poglitsch (Principal)

Michael DeBellis (Assistant Principal)

2017-18 Minutes